Don't Flinch! | Dangerous Live Animals!!

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Team Edge

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    Hey guys! Which was your favorite live reptile? What other Don't Flinch challenges do you think we should do? Let us know down below! Go check out The Dumbness Games | Who's the Dumbest!? to see who is the dumbest person at Team Edge:فيديو-2zAyhDvc7K4.html
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    1. Lexi Beck

      I have a bearded dragon a black and eight Argentine Teague and three snakes

    2. It's Kc

      Just looking at th3 frog i flinched

    3. cool 23819

      I need to cuddle the giant Lizard!

    4. West Loop

      Jfred is a huge cheater! 😬👎🏼

    5. Akeem Rose Mcadams

      The yellow lizard is cute

    6. Cailyn Parker

      My heart beat would be at 100 with the spider maybe the snake

    7. BananaBoiii 1603

      I could do that for a whole day

    8. Willow The white winged wolf

      Me awwwwwww cute Sees scorpion RUNS AND HIDES UNDER COVERS *squeak*

    9. Justin Stocker

      did any one els here "don"t try what your about to do at home"

    10. Ethan monkey W

      The snake is creepy

    11. Ethan monkey W

      The spider if I had it on my face I would die

      1. Ethan monkey W


    12. Starfox98

      IS HE SLIMEY OR BUFF Me:He’s nether, HES CUTE

    13. Aldrich Arce

      1 🐁

    14. Hunnie Gaddis

      Dude a tranchala on ur face dude I would freak out and run all the way to canada

    15. Dinosaurarmy35

      Bryan got 82 Jfred got 65 and Bobby got 70 so Bryan lost

    16. Janelle Marie Ibarbia

      Cory lol

    17. Shishter Angi

      “I don’t know if he’s buff or fat” that’s me in the mirror every day🤣

    18. Enes Er


    19. Jess wildchild

      bro i would be so excited!

    20. Random Kai¿

      back in my day, fat was a sign of wealth

    21. The Radioactive Gamers

      I miss mathias ='(

    22. Frostwalker 24

      I don’t normally troll but? Read more

    23. chica 14335

      Im a kid so 100 out of 5,000

    24. Riley Hymas

      I feel like that frog was dabbing

    25. The mighty Skeleton

      I have one like neils

    26. Dacorian Campbell

      Those snakes were Adorable. I want them all .😍😍😍😍

    27. Nu Sell

      3:02 what’s good my dudes

    28. Lilly Chaffin

      I have a bearded dragon

    29. Gulwinjit15 Kaur

      that is a mouse you pancakes

    30. Naruto Sasuke09

      The frog dabbed at 406

    31. Shane Reardon

      That fort is not just a bullfrog but the one and only lord meme frog

    32. Theamazingnaomi

      Yo I would really WANT to hang out with snakes like that!

    33. Mindy Mann

      I like Brian better I like Joey a little bit but Bobby you're scared sometimes

    34. Animal Lover

      I love the videos with animals in them i know it probably costs a lot of money to bring in the animals but I love the what’s in the box videos and think you should do an animal edition Bryan don’t read bit below this Joey imagine how much Bryan would freak out if you put his daughter in the box I don’t care if I’m messed up i think it would be hilarious for me and other viewers to watch

    35. Bence playz Roblox

      My schoolteacher has a bearded dragon as a pet!

    36. Winston865

      i have 2 bearded dragons

    37. DvjK

      Boi bobby who u called kids?! Huh¿ >_>

    38. Astra Finchum

      Pickle frog

    39. Krystyna Kwiatkowska


    40. Sivad Alltime

      I have 2 bearded dragons the lizard


      How do you not flinch?!?!

    42. Arbys Pierce

      I wood love to pet a lizerd!!!! And this is so crazy!!!😝😍

    43. Fading Willows

      I was fine till the scorpian.

    44. Daddy Cheeze Itz


    45. Hunter Lamp

      Kung fu hamester

    46. ItsSally !

      Omg the spiders name is Sally my name is Sally and I'm hate every spider on earth even tiny ones

    47. Amber Shaykett

      my friend has 2 breaded dragons

    48. Gacha Kaiya

      That toad has some good dance moves Like if you agree

    49. Marty Boniel

      Oh no

    50. BirdsGoMoo

      This made me have chills down my spine and my skin crawl just watching the beginning