Don't Flinch! | Dangerous Live Animals!!

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Team Edge

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    Hey guys! Which was your favorite live reptile? What other Don't Flinch challenges do you think we should do? Let us know down below! Go check out The Dumbness Games | Who's the Dumbest!? to see who is the dumbest person at Team Edge:فيديو-2zAyhDvc7K4.html
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    1. Rudi rasid

      Hey look the toad is Slippy's friend (Slippy is Felix's pet a toad that died R.I.P. Slippy)

    2. James Beattie

      Who is funny Bryan J-fred Bobby

    3. Caleb Pennington

      I had a bearded dragon........ it died

    4. Shay Cooper

      I have a breaded Dragon

    5. connor Mann

      What's better than one snake? TWO snakes

    6. Alex Bond


    7. Creature Freek

      I love bugs🕷🐝🐜🦂

    8. Annika Lindström

      I have a pet snake already

    9. Aerol Mar Pantallano

      Its so funny that the bullfrog was dancing

    10. Kylie Lor

      It it just me or every animal in this video is cute?

    11. Zeus He

      I've been squealing for the whole video

    12. Chrissy Tinker

      ive touched a snake before

    13. Katapillar

      I would not be able to handle that dam bug.... It would be my bad if I accidently killed it.

    14. Kelsey Kelley

      The bullfrogs look like me after Thanksgiving


        Kelsey Kelley you stole that from somone else's comment

    15. Matti Akemi

      I would love all of those animals XD

    16. Marko Bukna

      He Putted on him Tarantula

    17. Phoenix Crook

      I love snakes

    18. Narwhal_gaminYT 7746

      I had a bearded dragon but he did 2 years ago

    19. Mia Perez


    20. Christopher Allen

      I have a bearded dragon!!

    21. Otero Chary

      do you want to know the bearded dragon actually gets mad and gets beard why a berard dragons name is a beard dragon cuz when it gets mad it gets a beard on its face and my sister has one and it gets a beard

    22. Ben Geyser

      Umm I love u team edge. But for a sec when I saw this video I was like (wow this click bait) when I watched it I was like OMG

    23. PopcornExplosion

      The bullfrog was so cute lol

    24. Luka Edisherashvili

      That was DOPE

    25. Tomboy Wolfy

      I WANNA TOUCH EM TOO!! I wanna try to guess them too!

    26. Romeo Playz Yt

      *Tickle in ur ear drums* WTF I LAUGHED SO HARD

    27. shannon russell

      Thats one groovy and boff frog

    28. Unique Productions

      Pthis would be fun

    29. screamsformemes

      I wish i could be on a show like this because i love lizards amphibians and spiders so I'd win. i guess it wouldn't be entertaining though haha

    30. whisper the quiet wolf

      My sister has a bearded dragon

    31. Yana S Durishin_19

      🥞🥞🍳🍳🍩🍩🍺🍺🥛🦐🐽🐌 best breakfast ever, enjoy

    32. Andrew Griffis

      3:06 ribit ribit ribit ribit

    33. Luлå Тнæ dемøл сhוןd

      I would flinch at the spiders I HATE SPIDERS

    34. Rubs 26


    35. Adriel Lee

      I thought the frog was a toad

    36. Orange Lemon

      Give me the lizard

    37. Isabelle Parsons 79 (STUDENT)

      I love all reptiles soooooooooooooooooo I would not be scared

    38. BackStabber 2006

      So cute! 4:02 he's all like *eh eh uh*

    39. christos giorgalli


    40. The gaming god 243

      4:39 I’m ugly and I’m proud

    41. Tara Shirley

      Hey your videos are being deleted by protect zorgo

    42. Xxx Tenttacion

      9:43 Ha wtf

    43. Pizza Face

      4:46 i was watching with my bearded dragon

    44. Emily Secrest

      4:03 I mean

    45. Emily Secrest

      6:04 Omg hahahaha

    46. Maddox Primeaux

      Those other snake were ball pythons

    47. Maddox Primeaux

      When I saw the snake aka Burmese python I fell in love with that snake

    48. Emily Haynes

      When I saw the bearded dragon the third one I almost died mine was a baby and he died but that dragon was fat and almost adult size

    49. Keely Vaglia

      How does Bobby gets the hamster 🐹

    50. Emily Haynes

      I love reptiles so much they are adorable lizards,snakes,crocodiles and others