Don't Flinch! | Dangerous Live Animals!!

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    Hey guys! Which was your favorite live reptile? What other Don't Flinch challenges do you think we should do? Let us know down below! Go check out The Dumbness Games | Who's the Dumbest!? to see who is the dumbest person at Team Edge:فيديو-2zAyhDvc7K4.html
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    1. John cena the king Gaming

      That frog was dancing

    2. SpaceGalatic Gamer

      I want the bull frog so bad he so cute

    3. Kids Torizzo

      I want the tarantula

    4. Zachary Nugget

      picks up drink "guys don't try what your about to do at home" puts down drink

    5. Chaejung Nam

      As soon as the heartrate blasted, I bursted out laughing.

    6. Keian Tennant

      I own a bearded dragon

    7. Nicholas Nathaniel Yuka

      The reason j-fred didn't flinch is because the bearded dragon didn't move unlike the hamster and the bullfrog that's why bobby and bryan flinch both that animal move

    8. Phoenix Wings


    9. Abby The turtle

      the pacman frog dance montage was the highlight of my day

    10. AceTracer

      Brian went from 50 to 72, bobby went from 68 to 71......

    11. Andrew Ponce

      I have a bearded dragon

    12. JellzDaWinna49 !

      WTF?! My name is Nayeli, and I’ve never seen anyone with my name b4!

    13. Julekage tyven 31

      Around 4:07 the toad hit its own eye that was dumb

    14. Lena Williams

      the bullfrog had better dance moves than Bryan

    15. Dinos, Canary, Dogs, Just all u need

      We have bearded dragon at Home :)

    16. Tiny Amy Is amazing

      At 4:37 Bryan: That’s so ugly Me: Have you looked in a mirror *dabs* Edit: this is a joke only for fun

    17. Emilioui

      This video was filmed on my birthday

    18. Hungertale Sans

      Wow the bullfrog ate a Empire State Building... so that's how it became so fat!

    19. gurnoor kaur

      Is Bryan married and does he have a daughter Sorry I'm new I don't no

    20. Volt


    21. Samantha Sweeney

      Wait are the snakes ball pythons?

    22. AlexDraws

      Dont try to do what youre about to do at home

    23. Aubrey’s Gaming channel

      were did these dislikes come from?!?!?!?

    24. Noah hayes

      A Tranchula is harmless

    25. GrackleDragon

      Not surprised his heart rate lowered for the snakes. Holding my snakes will calm me down. The feeling of the scales is very soothing actually.

    26. *F O R T N I T E P L A Y S*


    27. Haneen Husain

      2019 anyone

    28. Caden's gaming 1427

      5:52 lol it’s like a horny toad

    29. Thy toro one

      Rip boby


      The 4th animal they used in this is a bearded dragon they are the cutest pets ever I have one

    31. Drayko Alexander

      I love snakes

    32. Nicholas Nathaniel Yuka

      Maybe next time put lucia bryan's dauther in the box for joey or bryan of bobby to feel

    33. nuke man 99

      I will do it at a park

    34. Aiden 14

      I want that bull frog really bad because he a thick boi and he can dance

    35. jepaz _

      The frog is kinda cute and it looks like a burger 🍔

    36. Heidi Fletcher

      I had a bearded dragon and I’ve also had desert horned lizard,2 snakes, 2 turtles and 2 newts they all died

    37. Conner Rose

      But not the scorpion

    38. Conner Rose

      And there so cute 😄😄😄😄

    39. Conner Rose

      I would love to do this so i can get up close to a reptile that survived the extinction event

    40. Anna Sikorska

      now i want a pet snake😂

    41. i like Penguins

      I had a hamster but it died :( Edit: i also like the bullfrog

      1. Jordan Bartush

        i like Penguins and 😭

    42. A0X-Asherpro360 _

      What is that sound effect at 10:15?

    43. Fiona Koch


    44. brody braden


    45. Marisella Salinas


    46. XxSavageCabbagexX

      That frog was having none of it, he just went strait to his hiding spot.

    47. Ada Perez

      I love bearded dragons my fourth grade teacher used to have one

    48. Jacksen Mcclure

      At 5:28 Brian-they don’t have moths 🤣

    49. Tristen Hoesing

      it is pronounced vine-groon

    50. the animal 737

      woooow . go on J-fred

    51. Lyrics Master

      2019 anyone ?

    52. munchkin79nz

      I hate spiders

    53. RC Tatad

      its cute

    54. Neptune Galaxy

      The tarantula in the title card is a curlyhair (Brachypelma albopilosum). It's venom is not potent, and is deffinately not dangerous. Getting bitten would be better than getting stung by a bee. I have one in my room right now and I take him out sometimes to let him crawl on my hands and arms. I even put him on my head one time ♥️

    55. Nicholas Nathaniel Yuka

      Ooowww thats a cute animal

    56. Josh Marchetti


    57. Drin Gjonaj

      I have never seen any frog be THAT cute and I don't awwww to much

    58. Lauren LPS

      *I dont know if hes Buff or fat,* *Literally me, Just with She.*

    59. Terence Marable

      I have a pet bearded dragon🦎

    60. Ian Findlay

      “I dont know if its buff or fat” bobby 2018

    61. Aaron BRandt

      # Bobbyissavage

    62. Stormy Rainbow

      OK so I’m watching this right and when Bobby gets these snakes put on him I’m like sitting here with my snake just like wow you’re a wimp and I’m 10

    63. fortress boss david

      ..... This is wierd

    64. Roxxiee _

      This seems easy 😃😆

    65. Maria Nawaz

      That frog tho

    66. Alien Nerd

      5:53 I thought this was a family friendly channel

    67. dakshit vlogs

      The baby

    68. Shatha A

      That frog has got moves tho

    69. Marko Gamer YT

      Whos watching in 2019

    70. Roberts G Vlogs

      Bobby's Heart Rate Was Not Bigger It Started 64 For Him And Ended 70 ???????

    71. Gunnar Remy

      Omg I feel bad omg ahhhhhhhhhhhh no no no no no is it the end

    72. Gunnar Remy

      1 had a bearded dragon

    73. Pekka ClanRobo

      Don’t press read more Great now you have bad luck for 2019 -2020 like to undo the curse

    74. Ronda Latta


      1. Bit Horse

        Ronda Latta no one gives a heck

    75. Its Alex Ace

      The frog was awesome

    76. silver samurai

      That was a hamster?? 😂😂

    77. Leah The Gacha Girl

      10:28 is the exact definition of my doggo

    78. Maribeth Fravel

      I’ve had a bearded dragon tonight in my face

    79. Torriah Stinson

      Spiders freak me out soooooooooooooooooo badly!!! My heartbeat would prob be 200 Edit: or more

    80. Sebastian Borelly

      5:53 Jfred:I don't know it's like a "horny" toad Me:hhaahaahaa horny toad why😆😆😆💩💩💩😂😂😂

    81. jacob miller

      you should do that agian!!

    82. UnSpeakableConnor


    83. Erica Luzanilla

      Rip Bobby lol

    84. DOGEMASTER 9008

      I swear to gawd f u put dat spideor on mah fac I wuld literally kill yah

    85. Maddy Blessing


    86. BigMac

      I need a 10 hour version of Dancing Toad

    87. Gosh Itz_me

      That spiky lizard I had as a pet his name was chunky 😭⚰r.i.p

    88. TheSmithPlays 435624


    89. TheSmithPlays 435624


    90. Zackary Root

      bearded dragon and brain is a wimp for flinching at a poke ball in the previous video everyone else was more brave.

    91. TheTasty Pug

      4:04 tho lol

    92. Jason Paske


    93. GavXG The random vids on UTube

      All praise the hypno-toad

    94. shaggy197629

      *claps* good job Joey I would freak out

    95. GoldenTiger 5457


    96. Brayden MacKay

      You guys are daredevils!!!

    97. Adam Alani

      Is it the uh, Giant Huntsman Spider?

    98. Latisha Vivian

      When Bryan’s heart rate exploded, same

    99. Jason p's Gameing and roller coaster review

      Tho thoes things in the end look scary there harmless creatures

    100. Amy Shaulis

      Brians baby is cute