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    The New Year's Cruise carrying over 4,000 passengers was caught in a violent winter storm on the way back from the Bahamas. The ship was constantly rocking for 3 days!
    Although the ship is capable of handling such a storm, we saw some people sleeping in the hallways because of water leaking into their rooms from the balcony doors (or because some thought the ship was going to capsize.) We even saw a family walking around with their life jackets.
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    1. RedCurtainEnt

      UPDATE: For those who are interested in knowing what NCL is doing for compensation: _Thank you for choosing Norwegian Breakaway for your vacation at sea._ _We appreciate your patience as we reviewed the feedback from the voyage._ _We sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of the effects of winter storm Grayson._ _The safety and security of our guests and crew is our top priority, and we are sorry that the enjoyment of your last few days onboard may have been affected._ _Your patronage is very important to us and we understand that your experience during this cruise may have fallen short of your expectations._ _As a genuine indication of our concern and as a gesture of goodwill for your understanding, we have arranged for a future cruise credit of 25% of your cruise fare paid._ _This credit may be used on a future sailing, so that you can return to have the cruise vacation experience that you originally intended._ _Please contact your travel professional or our Reservation Department at 1-800-327-7030, and refer to your original reservation number at the time of booking._ _Please note that this cruise credit is non-transferable, has no cash value and is valid for sailings within 12 months from the date of this letter._ _It cannot be applied to government taxes and fees, airfare, insurance, hotel packages or other add-ons._ _It is not combinable with other cruise credits or fare reduction coupons._ _We do hope that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you back in the near future._

      1. undae

        +Elizabeth Hansen what a whinger!! they can't do anything about a storm.......get over it soft cock

      2. B

        cplcabs you are a moron.

      3. Toast

        That’s a joke surely

      4. carl de wet

        Looks Epic - Wish I was there!

      5. D Col

        RonFella it was a new year’s cruise, so it was def overpriced haha, still dumb to book a cruise there in the North Atlantic. if you’re going to do a New Years cruise do it somewhere tropical!

    2. MediaTek MT6850

      It's better to go inside on your room.

    3. Corey Mullis

      Millions of dollars are spent on equipment to help you detect weather. Why does this happen, these storms don't just pop up right in front of you. They can detect big storms from 3, 4 and 5 days out. A jet dosent take off into a storm without looking on their computers and seeing whats their best routes. If anyone out there that knows, please let me know.

    4. Me in L

      Nice holiday

    5. L G3LLATO

      WOOOOL 👀

    6. Stephanie Mac

      I love storms..

    7. Sam wesleti

      It comes with package deal,,,free

    8. joe woodchuck

      Ok its a big storm, but shouldnt big storms have been considered when building the ship? I would characterize this as a design deficiency.

      1. joe woodchuck

        +Rylands BAD at video games Perhaps i wasnt specific enough. I was referring to water entering the interior tbrough doorway gaps and wherever else it leaked in. That seemed to be a major focus of the video. Otherwise i think you are correct.

      2. Rylands BAD at video games

        how are you ment to prepare for 40 foot waves that go up the entire side of the boat. any ship would have this problem what ncl did wrong was not keeping the ship in port down south and let the cyclone go over i was on the ship

    9. Vincent Padovano

      What's worst...a cruise ship shaking like that with water leaking in or bad turbelance on an airplane?...

    10. Zen_Man

      You get the best cruise of your lifetime and the Company apologizes for it? For me this is upside down! They should offer something like "Storm Hunting Cruises" or so. I would buy the first ticket.

    11. Xtinaa94

      Omg I can’t imagine how much they spend on maintenance for cases like these

    12. Niguel Dottin

      A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again.

    13. Refuse Kid15

      Oh no??

    14. Humans Are a Virus

      I wouldn't care and just continue beating my meat in my room

    15. Dave James

      you don't have cyclones in the Atlantic dumb ass there called hurricanes

    16. Kim Jong-un


    17. Just Perk

      Best part 1:00

    18. Ben A1

      That what it looked like when we were coming back from Alaska

    19. Diana Lynn


    20. Carl Scruggs

      3:20 what a wet blanket

    21. Jodie York

      Hideous garishness.

    22. day Sun


    23. Night Garden

      It's like a shopping mall. Only wet.

    24. caveman Versace

      The more I watch these videos about cruises the more I am glad I live in Australia. We don't really have a lot of cruises here and rather go to the beach than be cooped up on a boat where this can happen.

    25. Leo Plotter

      Can you imagine if they lived back in the old days - how do you think your ancestors got here from Europe to the West ? On a cruise ship ? Pussys

    26. Mickey Bitsko

      They all got 25% off their next puke fest. Oh goody.

    27. Gabriel amador sanchez

      What a shitty ship cruise

    28. James C.

      It’s really a leaky door video.

    29. Kevin T

      Non issue. Nobody hurt and the sheep have a story to tell about their "harrowing" ordeal. 👎🏻

    30. Justice Warrior

      How the FUCK did Vikings went through that??!!!

    31. Justice Warrior

      Who built this ship needs to be fired if it rains inside!!!

    32. Sierra Belanger

      Rip headphone users

    33. Range Man

      There's no such thing as a bomb cyclone ! that's a made up term to justify chemical dumping during weather modifications.

    34. ButteredTank

      I would love this

    35. Zamoa Sthlm

      What’s bomb cyclone?

    36. ALEX 777

      Вы хоть знаете сколько стоит путешествие на таком круизе? Так и надо этим гондонам, лучше бы утонули полностью!

    37. Mr. NPC

      That ship seems really poorly constructed.

      1. Rylands BAD at video games

        its a world class ship in a bad situation any ship could have fallen victim if they were in the right spot the waves were 40ft waves crashing over the top deck and leaking down the stairwells no ship could survive that

      2. Rylands BAD at video games

        any ship with waves hitting the top deck would have water pouring in the ship was not leaking it was purely coming in from the top i was there it was horrible

    38. Xartim

      haha americans...

    39. Mr Mr

      What month was this cruise 🚢 on ?

      1. RedCurtainEnt

        It was right after Christmas 2017

    40. mark p

      One more reason I'll never go on a cruise. Waste of money and good way to get sick from the food or people spreading a virus.

    41. Comment1

      I just got off a RC cruise out of New York, and had met a woman (from Norway) who had been on *this* cruise. (we had a very smooth cruise with no problems, and good weather). She told me all about it, and mentioned that she began to believe she wouldn't make it. She told me her husband had to hang on to her during the bad parts. She confirmed the 25% fare part. She also told me she was just glad to be able to be on a cruise (see the sunlight) and enjoy the days, as she thought they would die.

    42. ᗷEᒪᒪᗩ’ᔕ ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIᑕᔕ

      Still love Norwegian cruise line to heaven and back .

    43. Gaming Savage

      I went on that cruise it was terrible

    44. Bart MK

      “You don’t deserve a refund! You went on a cruise in winter! Shoulda expected it” Yeah I agree with the second part. But who the fuck woulda thought that that company can’t even prevent fucking rain leaking inside the ship? That’s straight incompetence.

    45. Meno Awesomeness

      Now I don't wanna go on Norwegian

    46. Cometstarlight

      I laughed way too hard in the first three seconds *happy music plays* "OH" *wind tunnel intensifies*

    47. WarlordRising

      As someone who has traveled the seas across the world, I can guarantee you that you get the best sleep when the boat is rocking. There's something almost primordial about it. Your body shifting with the gravitational pull of the ship going up and down the wave while you stay horizontal under warm sheets. Must tap into some deep subconscious memories with the fetal stage of our life, or when your mother/father rocked from side to side in her arms. It's interesting, to say the least.

    48. Kolin Mademe

      Why does Norway put barcodes on their military ships? So they can Scandinavian.

      1. Squishykola

        Oh cause. It sounds like scan the navy and

      2. thomas robinette

        Stop it.

    49. gemosh1

      chief said this ain’t it


      Looks like fun, not.