Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty



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    "Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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    1. Nicolle

      i wished they tried following the recipe first before trying to change it. Adjustments are made after you identify problems first

      1. Nasa

        Nicolle they’re using the recipe as a guide, but Rie is using her expertise to make what Niki wants it to be. Otherwise they would just be following someone else’s recipe without any of this personal backstory

    2. Nikki dela Cruz

      i love rie’s oi oi oi

    3. Charity Hopkins

      No written out recipe? What if I want to make them at home?

    4. Maddi Schwab

      i want a video of rie baking things and telling us stories bc i could listen to her talk for hours

    5. Rochelle N

      *PLEASE* bring Niki backkkk!!!!


      Ries laugh makes my day 😂

    7. Sanyol

      There's always Rie with some help!

    8. HBC _Memes

      Reah is so cute and caring 😂😂

    9. Zxekhariah Austria

      you're like playing with play-doh

    10. mouseraptor

      Is nobody going to talk about how cute nathan is though

    11. Phynicia Ang

      Yay Singapore sprit!

    12. Depresion_Took_Over_My _Mind

      Wait oranges for momey??? Edit:i know they sell t them for momey but this is diffrent

    13. Trisha Lui

      Lol I am literally eating a pineapple tart rn

    14. Chiara KT


    15. Chiara KT

      Omg !!! I'm from Singapore too

    16. Pikachu 870


    17. OhNoItsMeAgain

      Yaaaaaay fellow Singaporean!

    18. Himemiya Ewan

      Guten tama is that you?!

    19. Shi Qi Rose

      Niki grew up in sg??? Wattt

    20. dalena le

      so they’re just gonna make this video and not give us the recipe 😩

    21. Ceishya Angeli

      In Indonesia the name is " Nastar "

    22. Kanzaki Mizuki

      Omg niki you are a singaporean tooo

    23. Thamy Martins

      They changed the hole aunt recipie, than changed back to the original 😂

    24. Maggie Irwin

      "Who am I, *okay*" *laughs*"*ok*"

    25. BLINK Forever

      I think it ate this before i think it was ok thats all.

    26. M T

      Hey Niki I'm form Singapore and pineapple tart is also my favourite new yr goodie. It's so hot here, and it's not good :( I love the food here 😍 chicken rice, nasilemak and roti prata. I get u miss ba kwa too. I know you won't see this msg but I hope you come and visit here more often ♥ I love Singapore 😍 😍 (comment as Singaporeans) (Like as other)

    27. Althea Jodie Zerna

      So nikki is from buzzfeed? Does she go or the company let her go...

      1. Nasa

        Althea Jodie Zerna the company let her go and tasty is with buzzfeed

    28. Celisse Victoria


    29. I love hamburger *AND SPRITE*

      I want you to remake “Iced Gems” from the philippines❤️✨

    30. evanescent 09


    31. Eldran Ynacis

      Oh ur from Singapore 🇸🇬 yeye I'm singaporean

    32. Euen Chong

      Amen to pineapple tarts

    33. ThinMinty

      rie is a fucking saint

    34. unknow person

      aduh.... susah amat.... nastar itu mah.....

    35. Amanda Porter

      Rie + niki = is definitely magic

    36. Tidus88

      Unpopular opinion. I find Niki too annoying. Rie is awesome though.

    37. TheSongwritingCat

      Is this the first time Rie has been wrong about something? Don't question the aunties.

    38. CrystalMoon

      I like that animation in the beginning of this video...and the music reminds me of kung fu panda because it just reminds me of it :D

    39. James Lee abdulla


    40. Arianna Diamond

      NIKI IS SO CUTE her little happy dances and puppy squeal noises i’m so DEVASTATED i love her and rie so much, they have such an entertaining and cute mother daughter type dynamic i love them so much :(( 💜

    41. Norain Basirron

      Tbh rie can do anything

    42. Fooxy Eclipse

      My favorite cookie too!!!

    43. estrellaminnie99

      That's remind me nastar in indonesia. It's a cookie dough with pineapple jam filling. We traditionally eat it at the end of ramadan.

    44. Mochaaa

      Cutest persons alive? yes.

    45. Griffin Jenkins

      Fuck you buzzfeed, firing good artists, writers, and creators like Niki.

    46. Eyasmin Hameed

      here's a link to a tried and tested recepie

    47. Beige Ricaforte


    48. Regan DeHaven

      Is it just me or would it be really cool if Rie was in the Bon Appetit Kitchen?

    49. My Simplistic Pleasures

      I definitely want to try and make these sometime soon! 👍

    50. Natalie Chua

      Ohhh I didn’t niki was Singaporean too.

    51. Valeria Acosta

      I need more childhood recreation videos with Rie. Please!!!!

    52. Lauryn Howell

      I didn't knkw anyone was actually FROM Singapore lmao I've always seen it as a place that rich people go to be better than everyone else🤣

    53. Kelsey Peters

      Um... Recipe?!?!?!!

    54. farzana azmy

      Pineapple tart or tart nenas is my all-time favourite cookies!! I can easily finish a jar of these delicious, soft cookies within seconds. The way it melts in your mouth once you take a bite of it, it's heavennnnnn. I tried to make it myself last year but it didn't turn out the best, but when there is a Singaporean aunt that makes it & gave it to me for free, I feel blessed~ The trick is to use corn flour and custard flour instead of all purpose flour, plus use less egg yolks (because egg yolks hardens the cookie batter). That's how my mom used to make it.

    55. anusha iyer

      I will just eat Chocolate and Marshmallow together😬😬

    56. PeanuttyGoodness

      You need to make Ployes! It's fantastic and everyone needs to know about it. The key to great ployes is light buckwheat flour (yellow) made from hulled buckwheat. The best stuff comes from Madawaska county, Canada. It has something to do with the volcanic soil in the area. I personally love them with just butter dipped in a stew (frico), but most people love it with jam or maple butter.

    57. blablabla3888

      the cookie she was talking about is similiar to kue Nastar, that's what we called it in Indonesia, we usually make and it it to clebrate Eid

    58. reco45rs

      6:00 "Oi oi oi" ......that is the Japanese in Rie talking.

    59. PastelGalaxyCat Rulez

      Yay! I’m from Singapore too!

    60. Defender of Justice

      Rie : oy, oy!! Me: oh right she's Japanese XD

    61. Ervita Chandra

      In indonesia we call it "nastar" but we have different shape pinappel inside of the dough and this cookies popular in hari raya muslim and Chinese new year

    62. Mari Mari

      Aah yess tart nenas 🤤🤤🤤 in malaysia these are serve almost all the time😂 Eid, CNY, Deepavali, even Christmas

    63. Rohaida Halib

      I'm a malay so every time we celebrate our tradition for malay we always eat pineapple tart

    64. Gabriel Boniface

      watching from Singapore and laughing.

    65. Bella Victoria

      ohhh, nastar

    66. Megan Ong

      I am also from Singapore lols

    67. Myu CR

      my friend's mom made pineapple balls and he brought them to school. there were absolute heaven

    68. Myu CR

      I like pineapple tart balls better...

    69. Muhammad Ramadhan

      Mirip nastar ya

    70. Daena Reese Recto

      Rie is so cute

    71. Rachel Ng


    72. Fatima irfan

      I am a Singaporean and my Friend LOVE pineapple tarts

    73. ML LIM

      Don't forget to say lah! Or leh

    74. Kenneth Ong

      Didnt noe niki is from Singapore

    75. Leow Kor Ming

      Aye I can send one to you🙃

    76. Howdoyouknow. Wae

      It’s Same like nastar from Indonesia 🇮🇩

    77. jaeonaskateboard

      so basically a nastar ? hshshsh

      1. jaeonaskateboard

        its like the easiest but the most tiring thing to make

    78. Cadee Lim

      Omg I’m singaporean tooo MY fav Chinese New Year food is the love letters

    79. Jerethvlogs

      I am from Singapore!!!!!! And I love pineapple tarts!!!!

    80. lololo Love

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    81. 19S3-A elise teoxinning

      Aaaaa im frm sg too but pineapple tarts are so fatty

    82. Diana James

      Auntie knows best, so why try to make it like a pie in the first place? I don't get it. The recipe was just there.

      1. Nasa

        Diana James no one becomes a good chef without experimenting

    83. Ayu Nurhidayah

      Ini nastar kan gengs?

    84. SLIMELOVER 123

      I am a singaporean

    85. Stephy Camille


    86. -Bloody Bunny-

      Oh man! Pineapple tarts are everywhere here in Malaysia! But i prefer the homemade ones :D

    87. Shaviera Maharani

      In Indonesia we called this "nastar" maybe because pineapple = nanas (in Indonesia) and tar for tart sooo = NASTAR😂

    88. Cheelyn Wang

      so she is chinese

    89. Sreetama Biswas

      So basically nikki is Chinese?

    90. Aahana Roy

      I love pineapple tarts!

    91. Catherine Yap

      Singaporean Pineapple Tarts 🍍! Yumz 😋!

    92. orange

      Pineapple tarts are super good yes

    93. White Rabbiw

      Okay now go make a business together, Nikki and Rie. Selling those pineapple cookies might be a nice idea. So at least you guys can still be together.. I'd love to buy it!

    94. Grayx Grayx

      Since i know this channel... Nikki is the only one cant do anything just only talking n mess up... i wonder why she here (tasty) ????? Pls removed her from tasty... 😑😑😑

    95. Shrek T

      rie featuring tasty and another person

    96. Patrick Queen

      awww this so good~~~ we hve also this kind of cookies or you called it kueh here in malaysia named tart nenas, we usually served it during eid fitri/hari raya

    97. Jenna Knopf

      6:47 R.I.P. headphone users: Mmm....MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

    98. Panda Freak626

      I just imagine 2 grandma's or something on face time making pineapple tarts

    99. Jessica Vetter

      I came here to see all the (legit) complaints abut Niki being let go from BuzzFeed/Tasty. I am going to miss her when her videos finally end.

    100. Panda Freak626

      6:01 love how Rie was just like "oi"