Browns vs. Giants Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 1



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    The Cleveland Browns take on the New York Giants in Week 1 of the 2018 NFL preseason.
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    1. Chronic Savage

      If they get rid of Eli it over giants winning every game

    2. Likes&Favorites

      I don't like that they make fun of them in the commericals...they don't do that to any other team. This is supposed to be professional.

    3. Typaxian Destron

      Who else doesn't like how jarvis landry is now on the browns, I liked him better on the Dolphins

    4. Collie G


    5. Mcharizardcool rules


    6. mkdzr72

      Browns offence great this year, but now our defense sucks. So many missed tackles. Just way too many.

    7. lil pop tart

      Gossip that the Giants are going to be good there trash still

    8. lil pop tart

      I'm confused where is Odell

    9. Andrew Wooten

      Browns only winning games that don’t count lol, when it comes to actual season the curse will come back like always

    10. Sharon Allen

      Brown's to the championship confirmed

    11. Al Fundy

      browns 4 superbowl

    12. BWRULEZ #2

      Eli Manning played like crap

    13. Fran Parrino

      I hate Z Brown’s I like the giants

    14. Johnny Jackson

      Ain’t nobody a bigger browns fan than me!!!!😤😤😤

    15. Kyle Lee

      Thank you for the defensive highlights NFL!

    16. Cranker Pranks

      The browns are doing much better

    17. Trumps Evil Angel

      NFL sucks

    18. babe blue

      Lol dis wat jonny looked like

    19. Jon Davis

      Tyrod is not good QB people are fukin smoking

    20. Sammy Santoro

      Earn your stripes huh?? That’s complete BS

    21. Donald Smd Trump

      The browns winning the ship this year no doubt.

    22. OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs

      Barkley will be a God. Thise cuts look like barry.

    23. Juice

      3:05 my leg

    24. M Chaney

      they might be over due for a decent season.

    25. Trigger Man95

      The Cleveland Browns Defeat The New York Giants In Week 1 Of The NFL Preseason.

    26. Lou Agui

      Browns n 49ers will be their division leaders this season 😉

    27. Supremevirgin

      Because looking at him is taunting

    28. Jason Tobithe Moghomayie

      subscribe to me because u love god

    29. Jonathan Requena

      Holy crap the browns actually won a game its a miracle

    30. hi

      Where odell At man

    31. MarloSoBalJr

      I think it's high time we quit mocking the Browns. This team is dangerous in the coming "year"... From a Ravens fan right here!

    32. Ninja Asher

      If they keep this up they could be big threats

    33. Corrie Nye

      Not gonna lie the browns are look good so far

    34. DoubleD

      Mayfield is the truth and with him and Tyrod Taylor, throwing bullets to Callaway the Browns have a good chance of doing well this season. Speed, speed and more speed.

    35. jeronimo sanchez

      former panther players were making plays for giants...leonard johnson,jalen simmons,Scott simonson

    36. Nathan Sornsovan

      Eli don’t look too good

    37. GOATED EJ

      the browns not bad anymore

    38. Hoten Hitonokoe

      Cleveland Browns look good this year

    39. J.R Alexandr

      The Browns finally win after a million seasons 😂

    40. Bape V

      Damn saquon Barkley on fire already🔥🔥🔥🔥

    41. xFadeAway

      I forgot Jarvis was on the browns rofl

    42. [GD] SpacialD4sh


    43. d morris


    44. EMANeleVenElevEn

      Saquon Barkley a bust

    45. Nanderlizer Nanderlizer

      No Fun League. Officials please stop being so damn pathetic.

    46. Tim Newton

      This baker mayfield guy can play

    47. Dubble Theamount

      Bud light W

    48. William Richardson

      The browns are getting better

    49. NHL Vids

      Who thinks the browns are a playoff team

      1. Legit American

        Hell no. This is the preseason.

    50. ARMAGEDDONx9276

      Countdown to first odell ejection.Lol.