Breaking Up



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    1. Dumbass

      Im trying to break up my friendship with this kid at my highschool. It just started and we've only known eachother since september but tomorrow I'm gonna tell him that I dislike him as a person. He keeps talking shit to girls in my class about everyone and everything to seem cool and put others below him. Also we just were partners in a presentation, in spanish. And he was kind of a control freak, I hated it. So, if anyone could give me an idea of how to tell him or should I just ghost him. Right now i'm set on telling him I don't like him as a friend in person. I'm not tryin to be on some fake bullshit and stay aquaitances with my inner hatred.

    2. Kids Moore

      yo dom, someone is stealing your vids

    3. TheOnlyXPanda

      I watched this after I broke up just today

    4. Kateapopstars

      Cool well this made me cry

    5. jackattack366

      Your fourth breakup is exactly how my first (and only) relationship ended

    6. Kristoffer Agustin

      #2 on trending?? omahgahd

    7. King Garey

      I’m giving away 10,000 V-Bucks When I Hit 1000 Subscribers.

    8. GABE_4277 Rodriguez

      I can’t believe you were in that mess AR-new Rewind.

    9. Lunar Kat

      Comment if your name is also Karen 😂

    10. Nat Chan

      Haha I don't have break ups I have break downs :) hehe wait oh god oh no

    11. Pancake_Pidge

      The day after my girlfriend dumped me my best friend got with her. He was also the reason she broke up with me. Eeh.

    12. elena nikolaichuk

      Dude!!! #2 on trending!!

    13. Regina Capulong

      woooooeeeeeeeoooooow Trending

    14. owenlol2

      "... Father's racist" Now hold on.

    15. JellyFish My Jam

      How do I break up help meh pls

    16. vampy

      The timing on this video is scary

    17. Jared Gerstein


    18. Im Wifu

      2 on trending

    19. The Rookie

      Dom: its like driving a car without a steering wheel hahaha good luck with that Me: hahahahahaha gagu langhiya

    20. *Tea Truffel*

      *Luaghs in asexuality and aromantics, Can't relate*

    21. arock264

      My girlfriend just broke up with me and went to my best friend after

    22. RTR Tate22

      Hello everyone for every like and reply to this post saying they subbed to me I’ll sub back

    23. maria sandoval

      Im asexual and never dated anyone....but I'll still watch this 😅

    24. Alicia Wessel

      I needed this tonight. I broke up with my ex 2 months ago after an entire pregnancy and almost a year of just staying because I didn't know what else to do and just became numb to the abuse (long story). Thank you for your break up videos. They really helped me make my decision.

    25. Angellina Monae


    26. Luis Velazquez

      I broke up with my girl before December and now I’m feeling sad cuz it’s the holidays.

    27. Patricia UB

      I broke up with my boyfriend a week ago. I'm not heartbroken. I only miss him.

    28. Quiet Logic

      Good thing I've never been in a relationship. I can't relate to this video :)

    29. Keller Stelkins

      Damn bro, I remember you at 500,000 subs. How you've grown, my child

    30. Octavios Reaves

      *Alex and Lauren...*

    31. Yousef Jalali

      *watches the vid midway* .... *gets a text from a friend* (my gf dumped me ;-;) me: -_- i should have seen this coming...

    32. LEO

      Relationships are for the weak!

    33. Jeww Boii

      Lol just be lonely so you'll never have ur heart broken

    34. Ashley Maya

      Weird. He posted this the day that i became single :(

    35. Weast 11

      Love is a chemical reaction in the brain that compels humans to mate. Nothing more nothing less. That's why most relationships end

    36. Cragnok -

      Lucky for me I know for a fact there are no break ups in my life coming soon. You have to be in a relationship for that to happen

    37. Margo TeddyBear

      Congrats on #1 on trending!!!

    38. That Ghost

      **internal screaming**

    39. 1 million subs without any videos

      james Madison


      Dated a girl for 4 months and fell in love, she was from a different city (an hour away). We met multiple times a week and went on crazy adventure. Ignoring all of the warning signs I eventually learned she had a boyfriend the whole time - it’ll take a while for me to bounce back from that heartbreak

    41. Kyoshi's World

      Congrats on 2 for trending can we get to number 1

    42. GA1J1 N


    43. James Haverstock

      3:39 small -dick-

    44. Phyllis Eldridge

      Was the word small on the chalk board...

    45. Just Viper

      my ex's name is alex--

    46. Thorigin

      Wish i had a gf

    47. Devin Cooke

      Sub to pewdiepie

    48. OreoTheFuzz

      I actually am going through a break up. Right after you posted this aha..

    49. Atchison Sokolis

      #2 trending, nice

    50. Saphira Winters

      My first ex boyfriend accused me of cheating on him when I went on a friendly outing with a friend. My second ex boyfriend dated me for only a month and was cheating on me with my ex friend at the time. Boy I sure know how to pick them, right??? 😒😒😒😒😒