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    Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for episode 39 of “It’s Alive” and this time he’s making mustard. Rumor has it this might be his best creation yet. Join Brad as he gets into “some serious science” and reveals the fermented ace up his sleeve.

    Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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    Brad Makes Mustard | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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    1. Brad Leone

      Mustard is the best! Its so easy to make and customize.. now you have no reason not to. Also, you show up at a lil BBQ or party with your own mustard and...who's better then you babe!

      1. Ruben Eihwaz

        you're better than you babe!

      2. hazel steward

        Brad, how do I get in touch with you to talk about content?

      3. Saima A

        LouisVuittonDonVG 0

      4. Kathryn Hays

        This is the best cooking show ever. I laugh out loud every time! Love brad!

      5. Daniel Hamblen

        Still surprised you didn't add garlic to it ... being Brad and all :)

    2. Global00Vintage

      How does one gets this job?! My kitchen is a test kitchen every day! 😁

    3. Farras AM

      The last part was so cute "aa wee" wkwk 😂 btw always interesting to watch and for sure learn something new

    4. mugensamurai

      Who ever edited this is a comedic genius.

    5. CJ

      It really bothers me the animation for when Brad does his "Ace up the sleeve" motion the animation they added was a 3 of clubs. Other than that, another wonderful video/recipe and great editing as usual Vincenzo! (minus the 3 of clubs thing)

    6. Ezequiel Rubina


    7. matthew allain

      i really hate the sound it makes when u throw the beautiful Japanese knife on the marble counter top

    8. Mr teacher

      Lol, stick with words you know brad

    9. Justin Berry

      Is Brad from Brooklyn, NY? Haha love the accent

    10. Jessa Velarde

      Since I hate ketchup, mustard and I have been best of friends when it comes to condiments. I def want to make some of my own.

    11. Adalynn Mini

      Best editor in the GAME!!! Not a single bad frame on the tape.

    12. David Shapiro

      And...yeah. Lemmie get a spewn.

    13. A Taste of Aloha

      Vinny, I LIVE for your editing! Omg. I mean I love watching everyone at Bon Appetit but your editing is hilarious!

    14. Michael Nerney

      Could you explain a bit more about that actuator on the spice grinder? lmao

    15. Fernanda CG

      i always think that Brad would be a really nice and funny dad

    16. Justin Malin

      So if we can't get the bergoo or whatever it is, what can we substitute?

    17. Ironclad

      Why's everyone saying it's a Jersey accent when he says "wudder"? He's clearly from Philly.

    18. Adam Furlani

      I bet that fermented garlic honey mixed in would be great 👌

    19. TheOneVictor

      Brad is a great host, but combined with the editing, this is solid gold, omw XD

    20. elizabethandbug

      Love Brad. Love the edits. Instant subscribe

    21. Drac0Meteor

      So, I tried this recipe a few days ago. Never done anything like this before, followed it all except I substituted the Verjus with Honey and Molases. Did one batch with the sourkraut and another with the vinegar in gherkin jars. I don't have jars, and instead used tightly sealed tuppoware containers. And they both smell like old plastic christmas decorations that you keep in the garage, and taste gross. Is the plastic in containers that big a factor in this? Or did I screw up elsewhere? Thank you for any input this comment gets.

    22. saturday514

      I consumed a tablespoon of Trader Joe's Whole Grain Dijon Mustard with cheese and crackers while watching this video. PS: The edits are on fire.

    23. Nicholas Apostolico

      Make Ginger Beer!

    24. nella kipulu

      Oml the snake... my heart

    25. Trond Ødegård

      I love making mustard, it’s become sort of a pre-Christmas tradition. What I do is soak the mustard seeds overnight in beer before making it. Last year’s batch had the brown seeds soaking in a traditional Norwegian christmas ale and the yellow seeds soaking in Crabbies ginger beer. I also tend to add a bit of dried estragon/tarragon. Really kicks the stuff into overdrive.

    26. ibasspropcom

      COME TO CLEVELAND BRAD and VINCENZO!!! Learn how we make Bertman's mustard, Saurkraut, Pierogi's, Corned Beef Sammies, WHATEVER MANG!!!

    27. RiriRaRin

      Why am I somewhat scared of Chris? 😂 Like, he seems like that super intimidating boss (that might not be that bad but still scary nonetheless lol)

    28. Eliezer Rivera-Lorenzo

      I absolutely love this series!!!! Brad is great.

    29. Colleen Brown

      Whoever edits these with the funny comments needs a RAISE. they make me laugh out loud every single video

    30. ninana143

      So funny hahahahahh

    31. So Catharina

      I think that you wanted to say "accompagnement" Brad, not accoutrement which means "strange outfit"

    32. xstreemfishing

      WARNING! I followed the recipe exactly and ended up with mustard that is salty as F@$#. Yes I used Kosher salt. I would say half the salt maybe even less would be right. I am now making a double batch to mix with the first one to cut the salt to a third.

    33. plethorum

      not as good as pitzmans mustard tho

    34. Tracey Muy

      The editor is the best XD

    35. Amanda Schultheis

      Honestly he is the funniest human being and this is such a good series

    36. The Bacon

      "Who's better than us, Vinny?" "Julia Child, Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart..."

    37. Kenta Sugimoto

      as always - love the editing. and brad makes my mouth water

    38. Felfolk

      The editor must have so much fun with these

    39. Zane Friday

      god wtf are these edits. Godly and hilarious. The snake!

    40. Dylan Oppenheiser

      whoever edits this show...... they are the real GOAT.....

    41. Chris Hutchins

      B A W L S

    42. PanetMaster

      I just can't get over how funny the editing is

    43. Sharon B

      I love the commentary, but please hold the camera still. It isn't good when Bonus Appétit makes people nauseous.

    44. Kardall

      It's crazy, Brad. Everything you make is fermented or aged in some way. You are like a guardian... I am going to come down and we are going to have some killer beers and hot dogs with sauerkraut dogs... like for reals. Contact me... lets do it up.

    45. Erin Perry

      Spice grinder snake actually scared me

    46. Haggai Weiser

      And..... (Drumroll), yeah.

    47. Justin Pullen

      The video is so shaky and off putting. Someone turn off the image stabilization on the lens?

    48. Emily Devereaux

      Brad and Chris need their own show tbh

    49. Sasha Dimov

      Brad gives me life

    50. Queen Hezumuryango

      If you're ready to sell this mustard, I'm ready to buy it. Just make it available to us Canadians 😁