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    Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for episode 39 of “It’s Alive” and this time he’s making mustard. Rumor has it this might be his best creation yet. Join Brad as he gets into “some serious science” and reveals the fermented ace up his sleeve.

    Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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    Brad Makes Mustard | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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    1. Brad Leone

      Mustard is the best! Its so easy to make and customize.. now you have no reason not to. Also, you show up at a lil BBQ or party with your own mustard and...who's better then you babe!

      1. H H88

        You should try making (danish) Remoulade, it's perfect with sausage .

      2. rampantmantis

        Brad! Make some mirin or sake!

      3. Alex Christ

        I love this man

      4. name's Zeus

        I didnt know why people liked you but now i do

      5. Alexander Arlund Nørgaard

        +Racksor It's a Moritaka nakiri.

    2. TheOwlQueen

      I made this recently and it's so incredibly delicious.

    3. Mimi berlin

      when i make mustard i like to through some dried fruit in there, figues are the familys favourite, mine is apricot

    4. Carol Morimoto

      I think, I THINK... Brad’s family is from Germany. With maybe some italian in there.🤣

    5. Ross Courtright

      Just caught the hastily made cleveland tourism video reference

    6. Nicholas Hilton

      Hello from Cleveland!!!

    7. Charlie Wells

      Gosh I love this show

    8. Michel Molenaar

      Don't use a metal spoon with mustard. It will alter the taste.

    9. Morgs88

      Cleveland Kraut! Nice product placement ;)

    10. rwilke3

      The snake at 2:35 scared me wtf

    11. K Fallon

      Stop fingering the mustard seeds.

    12. Truth Teller.

      BBN network calls 50cent a snitch and on Tekashi69 👈🏼💚

    13. Rai K.

      Vinny that was a 3 of clubs

    14. Paradis sur Terre

      how amusing you are. you funny but don't go too far, just showing receipes and having fun, that good.

    15. PoppyCorn144

      Alterations nope, but accoutrement, he nails.

    16. Christina Finley

      Brad and Vinny are literally getting me through law school right now. I love these videos so much.

    17. TheLZempir3

      I love the little bubbles that call him out for using the wrong word ie altercation not alteration.

    18. Mark N

      Is this a similar process to honey mustard? If we add honey, will it ferment like the garlic honey does?

    19. morgan krieger

      9:36 I totally thought he was gonna eat that spoon full lol

    20. Rob Houg

      Update your kombucha video and maybe add some about kefir water and kefir milk

    21. Jordan daneil chicksen

      you are the Mac deMarco youtube videos, I love it.

    22. BirdieFlapFlap

      I ... I feel like .... Like he does drugs.... Omg 😲. What the heck? Lol

    23. Britta Jerdee

      Brad! Will you make vinegar?

    24. VallieMC C

      Brad's English is a whole new language

    25. Yolanda Pascual

      What can I substittute the verjus with? Apple cider, fresh grapes juice... beer? Tks.

    26. K McG

      A few questions (I am a novice): Do you seal the container or leave it partially open? Like do I need to worry about gas buildup in the mustard container while it ferments? And is a mason jar acceptable?

      1. Jyurina Winokur

        A mason jar would be fine. Just make sure to burp it (uncap it) once a day or the gas build up will pop the top or crack the jar.

    27. B B

      Does Brad by any chance have a single twin brother, that's like him in every way? Asking for a friend 🧐

    28. Wayne's Hammer

      Disgusting 🤢

    29. morrissey moz

      The way I like to make mustard is complicated and long because one I could never find my keys and two I can't ever find the mustard aisle...

    30. Anne C

      replaying the snake part and just can't stop laughing :)))))

    31. Erin Roach

      The goop it on thing far out I had to pause it to laugh the editors of this show deserve an academy award

    32. TYLER Johnson

      PLEASE get a tripod or gimble, it was really noticeable this video

    33. Anata No Senei

      Would anyone know of some garlic would be good in this? And if so if it would need to be garlic powder or if you could put cloves in after mincing.

    34. Ky Lim

      "Awhwhwieeeee!" Cutie patotiee 9:27

    35. Sarah Perez

      Whoever does the edits for these videos is a god. The edits make me die of laughter!

    36. Bartholemew Grameroperlis

      mmmmmm mustard

    37. Flavia Chiappini

      I'd buy the heck out of his mustard if he sold it

    38. small footprint

      Absolutely awesome!

    39. Schy Mark

      Great series!! This guys a pissa!! Looks like a cool place to work.. Thanks

    40. Julie Rebecca

      good for the kids!!

    41. Lori Makar

      Love your videos, want to meet Vinny

    42. Valerie Sutton

      For the love of all that’s holy, hold the fricken camera still. All the shaking and unfocused/refocusing is nauseating. Fantastic recipe though.

    43. Rolando Herrera

      Hey, fellas! Does any of you can help me with some replacements for the SKJ? I want to experiment on this recipe, I've got a honey vinegar in Spain, and i believe it's gonna be great on this. Yet, I'd like to know which replacements are good for the sourkraut juice. Thank you in advance

    44. Jackson Ross

      Is the cold theory true??

    45. kenneth perry

      These are my favorite videos on AR-new...

    46. no name guy

      If you try to make honey mustard do you mix it at the beginning or the end

    47. Selena Perez

      Says he’s going to do batches of two yet proceeds to do batches of three while stating that you don’t want to over fill it. O.K. B.R.A.D.

    48. Antheaxe U

      dill pickel musterd you pikel only mustersed the same way you di the gurkins the make muster out of it

    49. JokerLAD

      Bring that spice grinder to australia an we will give it a new use for grinding...

      1. JokerLAD

        Xeper-I-Set nah mate, theres only 1 thing small coffee grinders get used for here and it aint coffee 😂😂

      2. Xeper-I-Set

        What, grinding empty bottles of VB?

    50. Cierra H.

      Bawls and the snake 💀💀💀

    51. Vinnie Marks

      i like to think brad is talking to me

    52. Lori Makar

      No Cleveland, come to Pittsburgh ,we love your mustard

    53. Gypsy SnickerDoodle

      One day, Brad will pour ON A PLATE to save spillage

    54. Sonia Rose

      Who edits these and how can I tell them I love them omfg

    55. big trap

      the editing is so good

    56. Anita Bee

      I love that the editing styles suit the person in each video. Claire's editing is so step-based and slightly distracted by all that's going on in the kitchen. Brad's is very silly and casual. You guys really do a great job with this channel. Thanks!

    57. Jack Anderson

      Brad reviles his traumatic child hood playing with balls

    58. Locane256

      Man I want some now :(

    59. Andrew Gleizer

      As a proud New Jerseyian, I have no goddamn clue what Brad's accent is, but it's entertaining as all hell.

    60. Alena Velez

      Ctfu shout out for CLEVELAND😂💓

    61. Ethan Vera

      Brad is the best.

    62. J

      Never change, Brad's editor.

    63. Will Rayne MC

      I love that Brad's AR-new account has no content, but something like 15k subscribers. =D

    64. Aaron Tumbry

      Cleveland Krout props!

    65. Jennifer Chamale

      I'm just here for Brad. He's looks like Chris Pratt (hot), he's eff'in hilarious, and he can cook. Husband.

    66. The Cheese Said

      I like mustard ,,,, sometimes I put it all over my face and just wipe it off with a sandwich its really good for acney......

    67. Sarosh Dadani

      Brad must have his own cooking show

    68. Umar Shaikh


    69. M.A

      BRAD is the gOAT

    70. Richard Cano

      Tried this recipe with kosher salt and I gotta say, 2 tablespoons is a bit much. I'd cut it down to just 1 tablespoon, because it's hiding the rest of the flavor.

    71. Marc-André Demers

      Brad gives me life

    72. Benjamin Nacson

      Is there any substitute that I could use for the Verjus?

    73. LAY_2036

      Love the editing

    74. Van Info

      This guy is trying too hard to be funny. He is not.

    75. bla blubb

      "that doesn't need to go into the spice grounder cause.. it's powder" 😂😂😂

    76. Erin Rettke

      I used kosher sat and it was WAY too salty!!! Next time I’ll do 1tbsp kosher salt! Yikes!

    77. CrissCrossLogic


    78. Caelestis Nox

      I love the edits!!!

    79. 8Bit Time Traveler

      This looks like Dijon mustard, which is really great by the way.

    80. Fräulein Trude

      Add freshly ground horseradish and honey and you get a really nice sweet and hot mustard, perfect for sausages. You could also let the mustard base sit for a day, and give it a very short ride with a blender afterwards, it will get more smooth but still a little bit coarse and let it ferment longer... I like to make my own fig mustard adding home made (not too sweet and rough) fig jam to the mustard base and let it sit in the fridge for at least 1 month before eating it with cheese. And there is tarragon mustard.. add tarragon but better to add it to a more smoothly blended mustard base. And adjust that salt content, way to much.

    81. Skelld

      That editing is fantastic

    82. Daniel Bielby

      Am I the only one that's disappointed to see that sauerkraut in a bag

    83. Space Man

      Space isn't real

    84. Z puffer Z pro

      Because I am a alpha male I eat it raw

    85. Gi Joe

      What kind of jars are those and where can I get them !!

    86. Wolf Cub

      I love how they kind of mock him in the editing, like the Good Mythical Morning bloopers/weird moments

    87. stonwin music

      Lol I actually got scared from the snake thing

    88. Kyle Moran

      Matt Hunziker is the editor you can follow him on Twitter. I put this everywhere because he deserves credit.

    89. Vito Guerrero

      I love the FX of the show, Brad makes each video worth watching all the way through ! Plus, it's food, who doesn't want to know this stuff ?! Love yah Brad ! :)

    90. Corissa Dorethy

      oh no I think I used the wrong salt..when I copied this recipe :( Not sure it will ferment now

    91. Eivind Rømcke

      Just put a jar of this in my fermentation station *choo choo!* Couldn't find verjus, but substituted the two tbs of it with one tbs white wine vinegar, 1 tbs water and a tiny pinch og sugar. Excited to taste the results in 4 days time

    92. Tony Gibson

      Dry Ingredients 6 Tbsp. brown mustard seeds 5 Tbsp. yellow mustard seeds 1 Tbsp. yellow mustard powder Wet Ingredients 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup white verjus 5 Tbsp. sauerkraut juice

    93. Alejandro Melendez

      I always see Delany in the background cooking. I know he has Alex Eats All, but is he ever going to make something from the Test Kitchen for us? Because I'd be all over that!!

    94. Ethan Cho

      Can you guys do mayonnaise

    95. Jennifer Hall

      Mustard is one of my absolute favorite condiments. I will definitely try this.

    96. sasha stapleton

      made this recipe, it was WAY too salty...did he mean 2 teaspoons?

    97. Breona Taylor

      I’ve watched season 1 & 2 in like one day. Can’t believe I’m on season 3 already 😩😩😭 I love Brad and Vinny sooo much. Hilarious duo 😂😂

    98. JesusFriedChrist

      One week since you looked at me

    99. JesusFriedChrist

      Never change, Brad. Never change.

    100. Dominic Wenger

      Is Verjus a regional thing? I live in Washington state, and none of my grocers have even heard of it. Good news is, I have found a few work arounds online.