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    Bongu [HD] 2018 - Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Latest South Dubbed Hindi Movies 2018 Full Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2018 New
    After becoming victims of an unexpected treacherous act, Deva (Natty), Janani (Ruhi Singh) and Bhaskar (Arjunan) lose their hard-earned jobs. Dejected, they approach a local thug, who gives them an assignment - to steal a luxurious car from a big shot in the city.
    After the trio succeeds in their mission, thanks to their planning and hard work, they are given another task; this time, they have to rob all the high-end cars of Pandian (Sharath Lohitashwa), a Madurai-based don. The team also includes Mani (Munishkanth), someone who knows a few of Pandian's secrets. After reaching Madurai, Deva takes a membership in Pandian’s club to set their plan in motion. He gets to know a shocking secret about Pandian through the latter’s aide. Will Deva and his team be able to steal the cars? Has Pandian come to know about their mission? How are the two going to deal with each other? Watch out to know answers for these questions.
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