Binging with Babish: Spinach Puffs from The Emperor's New Groove

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

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    Disney films often adorn their supporting characters with lowkey foodie characteristics - Mushu's offering of congee, Timon's love of cream-filled beetles, Snow White's partiality to poison apples - but none quite so sweet and prideful and Kronk's love of spinach puffs. Celebrate the 17.75th-year anniversary of this David Spade classic with these crunchy, cheesy, buttery, spinach-y appetizers.
    Music: "Apple Pies and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesday
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    1. Binging with Babish

      EDIT: Only respect & love for Claire over at BA, I forgot she made kit-kats 😳

      1. Crlng

        lol the first thing I thought was "Take that CLAIRE!" but honestly, even Claire wouldn't reccomend making your own kitkats

      2. Bitch Craft

        Okay but can I use crescent rolls

      3. Emory Daniel

        Binging with Babish and you made puff pastry from scratch. I respect, love, and admire both of yalls efforts, even though no person should do it unless it’s part of their job, lol

      4. minaj2003

        What are some substitutions for spinach?

      5. Jershey Gaddi

        +srcstc gngr actually he could get a clip from hangover when they were eating at ihop

    2. Sydney Schapel

      These episodes remind me of a Marvel movie, if you’re new here you don’t watch all the way until the end and then you end up missing something great

    3. JaxMerrick

      What if, instead of 80s power ballads, I had 90s symphonic metal in the background? Would this ruin the experience of the spinach puffs?

    4. Mr.sirsquiggles

      Love africa. Have a great day babish

    5. Manic

      I have been wanting to know how to make these and what they taste like ever since little itty bitty me saw them in the movie, thank you!!!

    6. Nameless and Shameless

      The Emperor's New Groove is an underrated movie...

    7. Dick Squidward

      i just watched the movie

    8. GranTruismo4head

      Hey Babish if you reach 4 million subs can we get for just a non patreon bonus video you singing Africa by Toto? Or something along the lines of what you did at the end of this video but in full?

    9. tabbris

      In the Latin and much much better dub they are chicken empanadas.

    10. noémie maurice

      I love Kronk. My favorite character ever.

    11. Garrett Porter


    12. Matthew Wilhelm

      Why are you so entertaining

    13. Jonjo Pymm

      you can't help but sing along to a bit of toto even the infamous babish couldn't resist

    14. James Iyer

      That is a very *wholesome* ending

    15. isabelle bise

      I don't mean to hate but I'm so sick of people putting bacon in vegetarian recipes. I get what he is saying Cuz there isn't rules but still.

    16. Kaiser DaShawn

      Yzma must be a fool to be dissing the spinach puffs

    17. Roy Fernbach

      @3:42 you said "Spinach and Artichoke baked into..." Did you add Artichoke somewhere I didn't see?

    18. SteelHunter9

      Is it wierd that everytime I watch him I wanna wash my hands

    19. Get krunk


    20. superman25678

      “Puff Pastry package Pristine” alliteration at its best

    21. Georgiie

      I love it when people love music that much 😌

    22. KKRB3

      this dude has a similar yet opposite vibe of chaotic energy to "you suck at cooking" ngl, and is an absolute delight to watch overall!! 😂💕

    23. Bailey Nielsen

      The shade thrown at Claire 😂

    24. Jordan Wheeler

      He sounded exactly like Ron Swanson at 1:51

    25. Zyndicate

      Hey it’s joe from family guy and he’s finally walking

    26. Edward Paniza

      That last bit made me tear up it's so beautiful

    27. Anna

      David Puddy? I don’t know her. You must’ve meant Lemony Snicket

    28. Jeremy Daugherty

      For TOTO!

    29. Tyler Heim

      This is such a no-nonsense episode. He just makes the damn things.

    30. Gaby Bloomfield

      you should to the chocolate curry buns from Black Butler

    31. wherefancytakesme

      I always thought his spinach puffs were just spanakopita...

    32. chezboi

      You know what it’s missing? *Bacon*

    33. Kickin’ it with Kale

      The end of this video gives me life ♥️

    34. Anna 3084

      I skipped the 80s power ballad step, and my pastry deflated 😭

    35. mateo hedir cortes vega

      In latin america these are instead chicken empanadas.

    36. gorklives

      Thank you for including your performance at the end of the video. Simple things brighten my day.

    37. Alek


    38. Chicken Shizzel

      You look just like my old science teacher Mr Malinowski but you look even more like one a substitute teacher named Mr Alligator

    39. super ganjagoku420

      That ending tho 🙌🏽

    40. xDKLC

      Man babish has got such a awesome voice you should tour with Toto lol

    41. Candice Adams

      "Puff pastry package pristine" Excellent.

    42. Michael Sandell

      Watch the last bit with subtitles on. You're welcome.

    43. Tahje Isaacs

      The end only made my crush for you intensify. So....there’s that

    44. Arctica The Fox

      XD the solo during the outro tho. THE PASSION

    45. Jak Hanwell

      Please make a recipe book!

    46. Omar Casillas

      "Bacon. Why? Because I can and nobody can stop me. Sue me"

    47. Mary Udomah

      What about the underworld-style wedding cake from Corpse Bride? “A wedding cake is no mistake, it must be quite sublime!” “We’re missing something!” “Try some dust.” “I wish I had more time!” “Perhaps there’s something I can do; these bones might help a bit!” “My nose...” “Sorry...” “Wait a minute, that’s it!” So basically a cake with dust, bones, and a nose in it.

    48. FB I

      Babish now HAS to make kitkats

    49. Boowoohowdey

      Babish being a fuckin' cute bean, cooking and enjoying himself 4:04

    50. Nicholas Daly

      Bacon makes everything better