Binging with Babish: Spinach Puffs from The Emperor's New Groove

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

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    Disney films often adorn their supporting characters with lowkey foodie characteristics - Mushu's offering of congee, Timon's love of cream-filled beetles, Snow White's partiality to poison apples - but none quite so sweet and prideful and Kronk's love of spinach puffs. Celebrate the 17.75th-year anniversary of this David Spade classic with these crunchy, cheesy, buttery, spinach-y appetizers.
    Music: "Apple Pies and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesday
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    1. Binging with Babish

      EDIT: Only respect & love for Claire over at BA, I forgot she made kit-kats 😳

      1. Jershey Gaddi

        +srcstc gngr actually he could get a clip from hangover when they were eating at ihop

      2. Evil Incorporated

        I love you. The recipe looks great, and easy, I'm so trying it. If you can bacon something, then bacon it. Always. And the lip-syncing at the end was hilarious!

      3. Ionic457

        Hey babish, I just made these, how do I store them?

      4. Emory Hart

        You are my favorite youtuber honestly I wish that one day I can hang out with u and watch u cook live

      5. wdirtymonkey

        If you can get hold of some, I highly recommend more mature spinach, which has a more robust flavour and takes a little longer to cook down - all the fresh stuff in the shops is very young.


      Make spaghetti tacos from I-Carly please

    3. hi hi

      fuck spinach

    4. JangelNocturiaSemm

      I bless my eyes with babish's videos XD

    5. Cristina Ferrer

      YOOO I made this today and I didn’t add the egg and put that sheit in some wontons and it’s was BOMB!! Hell yeah ima make them again

    6. T Phoenix

      you are fucking amazing! I want to marry you!

    7. Swindlehadyn :D

      I bless the rains down in africa

    8. wreck tailgunner

      you are the MAN! you have made what i like doing cool to my son's. It's cool for a father to be asked " what did babish make today, are we going to make it too?" thanks bro !

    9. Sheephouse

      Hey, Banish. I know it's not your name, but I wanted to tell you that you're doing a great job and I appreciate your easy to approach way of explaining the dishes. Keep it up!

    10. Avocado Bubbles


    11. OFP Reflex

      Do Peter's anal juice in Joe Swanson's piss bag

    12. ryarod

      I think I got something about the recipe mixed up... ...Because I took a bite and turned into a llama.

    13. Arcel Sorm

      Loved it, but slightly disappointed you didn't make a single Poison for Kuzco Joke xD

    14. Benjamin Wright

      You should have incorporated the dill into the dough

    15. Ritika Kumar

      If only this guy were funny

    16. number 22

      Cặc = like

    17. SHIPY

      kronk is my spirit animal

    18. Fenteous

      Thanks, Babish! These are going on my Thanksgiving table 😊 Yummy!

    19. Clorox Bleach

      That ending bit was to funny

    20. Chimaira Moody

      I liked for 4:20 😉😉😉🗑🗑

    21. Ghost rider the geek

      I made this and my family loved it

    22. Watashi o Koroshite


    23. Adamkaban Kaban

      This is not an insult at least I do not intend it to sound that way but the finished product kind of looks like giant's toe with toenail that aside I love your videos even though I don't often what's cooking things I found your videos extremely enjoyable thank you for making them and presenting them in a way where people could follow along if they felt the need

    24. Meara Baldassari

      So I just discovered you, but I will say from years of watching way to much AR-new, you are the best channel I have ever found. You make peoples food dreams come true and you should never stop.

    25. Andrew Brannen

      Do the muffin bottom pie from Gilmore Girls! Bomb-diggity!

    26. alexa atem

      Do Peters 5 course butter feast from family guy.

    27. schaeffergames

      mad love for Claire!

    28. Sparrow

      don't throw of his groove.

    29. Franklin Armendariz

      Kronk sounds like a crappy sound effect in a comic book

    30. Aquaswan

      do *not* skip the step where you listen to 80's Power Ballads (specifically "Africa"). it's the most important step. trust me.

    31. ᏩᎪᎷᎬ ᎾᏙᎬᎡ

      yes that ending XD

    32. Matthew Cherry

      I made these today thanks to your recipe, surprised my parents with them and they've already become a favorite. Your videos and recipes are incredible!!!

    33. Andrew Marklowitz

      How much does the 80s power ballots help with cooking spinach puffs i must know

    34. tiny tonic

      bacon is western from britain and emperor’s new grove takes place in pre-conquistador south-America so they wouldn’t have bacon so you shouldn’t but it’s bacon so i’ll let it slide

    35. someoneintheshadow45

      *adds bacon* WHY 😰

    36. Wes Plays

      Africa By Toto O R I G I N A L

    37. Athanasius Yevseyev

      To me he’ll only be Joe Swanson

    38. nerdyninjatemptress

      You should make the raisin bread he made in the second movie too!

    39. Rock Star

      Am I the only one who thinks he favors Seth MacFarlane ?

    40. Yeetledoodle

      joe swanson

    41. Kevin Moore

      Great ending. I love your videos. Very detailed, and doesn’t leave anything out.

    42. - -

      His voice does remind me of Kronk when he talks to himself

    43. Donna Panero


    44. Marisol1711

      The ending just blessed my night and made my day better

    45. Trilmonté

      Dancing with Babish.

    46. Trilmonté

      For me, he'll always be Brock Sampson... ...I don't even watch The Venture Bros. but that's where I first heard him.

    47. Mo’s videos

      Crunk sounds like joe from family guy who sounds like Brody another you tuber

    48. Kamila Routsis * Life In Moments

      Just made them. Delish!!!! Thank you so much! Yum!

    49. Grace Jorgensen

      africa by toto was lip synced and i just like that i was in love

    50. Isabel Guerra

      There no rules against using bacon in any recepice