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    South Park is home to a surprising number of tempting foodstuffs. Granted, they're all subtly gross in one way or another, but that doesn't make Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls sound any less appealing. Especially when it's being sung at you by Isaac Hayes. Open wide.
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    1. meme bich


    2. JCProfit

      The first member of the clean plate club: Randy’s Frittata

    3. VOH-VY kidlatters/ TRIZsTANDs demox

      Good luck to your blood sugar:)

    4. Michael Gene

      What kind of plastic wrap do you use? It almost looks waxy.

    5. NakkiPeruna

      Cartman is truly a scary individual.

    6. Robert Bowser

      Why the coco for the chili

    7. Lurid Requiem

      Anyone else jump when he reacted to slicing his finger open?

    8. Walker Colt

      How about family guys general dinner plate??

    9. Tyler Welch

      Haha all looks great, but thanks so much for doing the Oh Yeah lol

    10. MultipleShoe

      How has he not done ratatouille

      1. zestyjester

        He has....

    11. Ambermon

      In the words of Randy Marsh. GAWL.

    12. Blitzn 909

      Fuck fuck...fuck By far one of the funniest moments on this show!

    13. Jason Borshchik

      I love how he said “oh yea” just like Randy when he put the creame freesh on top. Brilliant!!

    14. Jackson Golz

      He should’ve done Eric’s mom’s tea with lemon and codeine

    15. Peyton Collins

      i started cringing as SOON as the mandolin came out. i don’t fuck with those

    16. Morgan Kinney

      Can i just say my whole hand hurts after watching u cut your finger

    17. xxx. seventeen

      the ice cream had sugar

    18. Baseball Guy

      Anyone notice that “last night” when he made creme freesh that the firtata was in the oven

    19. Matthew Loren

      This guys voice is awesome!

    20. SoilentGr33n

      It's not cream freesh, it's crem fresh.

      1. Aspiring Creator

        He's pronouncing it the way Randy did in the episode.

    21. Jack Linde

      I always thought Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls were some variant of Rum Balls.

    22. KadenThe Kreator

      How do they know humans taste like pig? Oh yeah. Americans. I should stop talking

    23. Abracax Voice of chaos

      You forgot to put boogers and cum

    24. Taquese1999

      The first recipe looks like Brazillian “Brigadeiro” :) Nice video,gj

    25. Forensic Dragon

      5:57 Early face reveal!!! *hint look at the lid* Wouldn't it be funny if instead he knew his face was visible, and he was wearing a Gordan Ramsay mask?

    26. Ippiki Õkami

      Oh my god... They killed... Oh wait nevermind, but these looked great

    27. Fatty Boombalatty


    28. KhazAvMagic [TEAM 💯]

      could of put a fake finger in there.

    29. David Smith

      Flat hand on the mandolin.

    30. Jake Marks

      creeeeeeeeeme freeeeeeeshe

    31. DibDab ThroughTheWindow

      "Creh-m Freh-sh" Not "Cree-m Free-sh" I didn't know you were a butcher as well as a cook.

      1. Aspiring Creator

        If you go back and watch the episode, Randy actually pronounces it that way so I think he's just trying to be accurate to the source.


      Make spaghetti tacos from I-Carly please

    33. Viizion

      Chefs balls are delicous

    34. Shadow Shroud

      The yelper special

    35. AuthenticLogic

      *OH YEAH*

    36. ThePreciseClimber

      Chef: I call them Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls Babish: Let's make Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls. Are you serious.

      1. Aspiring Creator

        Plus, the episode was actually titled "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls" meaning it's meant to be accurate to the joke of the title and not the actual name of the dish in the episode.

      2. Aspiring Creator

        Eh one word is off, it really doesn't matter since he still made it look like the show.

    37. bboykiddblack

      No chilli powder?

    38. Wee lil' Dinosaur

      If they don't have added salt in the recipe it's probably because Chef used salted butter

    39. left4let

      Can you make cocaine from Narcos?

    40. Matt Barnes

      Mmmm. Long pig, as they say in Papua New Guinea.

    41. Bob Bobete

      I don’t know why but I always imagined chocolate salty balls having meat in them

    42. Max Watson

      Why did you mix cooked pork with the raw pork?

    43. lieutenantkettch

      Can we have Scheweddy Balls and the Schweddy Wiener from SNL?

    44. Steve Morrison

      How could you not make Assburgers?

    45. Summer Williams

      I think he was having a dream(food pooorrrn) about the cream ....

    46. DarkWinter8

      Next video should be "Binging with Babish: Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chili"

    47. Chimaira Moody

      Foods from Skyrim The Elder Scrolls!

    48. ScaryxTerri DBD

      where are the cheesy poofs

      1. Aspiring Creator

        Those are quite literally just cheese puffs.

    49. tigerboy007

      So i see that plaster that you wear in the first half was because of the cut you got in the second half.... Nice continuity ;)

    50. ecwfaithful

      However, I will say that you did miss something with the chocolate salty balls, they are basically meant to be chocolate covered pretzel balls.