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    South Park is home to a surprising number of tempting foodstuffs. Granted, they're all subtly gross in one way or another, but that doesn't make Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls sound any less appealing. Especially when it's being sung at you by Isaac Hayes. Open wide.
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    1. Caleb Hendryx

      Can i buy you? Sorry im hungry

    2. Alllan Muc

      When u realized that REACT’s try not to eat is j copying u

    3. bob stinger

      You forgot the cum

    4. cordae ヅ

      “And man, Chef’s balls are tasty.”

    5. Aaron Feick

      You should have added sweetener to your pork in cartmans chili, because human meat is described as a sweet pork, how do I know? Uhhhhh someone... told me

    6. The Creeper King

      2/10 you didn’t use his parents. That’s a new low

    7. VandelayOfficial

      I feel like I made these in school once. I can remember the taste.

    8. Snide Bear

      that hand slice looked pretty bad

    9. sergio

      Bobs Burgers side job

    10. Cookie Cutter

      so always be professional and cut your goddamn hand lol

    11. Demonetized

      Oh no no

    12. Diego Vazquez butzmann

      Say everybody have you seen my balls there big salty and brown

    13. Ben Shaw

      Suck on mah chocolate salted baaaaaaalls Put em in your mouth and suck’em

    14. Joe C

      I really feel your chocolate salty balls could have used a side of creme anglaise for, um... dunking

    15. LizIsMis

      Swedish chocolate balls is the shit

    16. Micah Stritikus

      MY mom walked in when he was swearing

    17. FBI

      Did you use a nut rag to pull it out the oven

    18. Gabi Murray

      Mom: Gabi you better not be watching that no-no channel Me: turns off binging with babish

    19. liam rudge

      3:28 u just molested that whole cake

    20. Alexander Agcaoili

      Can you make the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show?

    21. Sauron

      5:58 face reveal

    22. Chadwick Bosman

      Chef never said how big the bags of sugar are

    23. Sackboy

      Disliked because you didn't make boogers and cum

    24. Random Stuff /w Andy

      Chefs balls are tasty

    25. Watermelon

      I feel like making these were like a puzzle

    26. Madashe Kurosaki

      8:45. Lost it 😂😂😂

    27. Sierra Long

      If this man ever decides to procreate, there’s a good chance those kids will have a hard time eating with their peers on account of them being so *spoiled* with their Dad’s bougie cooking. I mean, I’m spoiled when it comes to waffles and pancakes. My Mom *always* made them from scratch with her special recipe, and as a result, I *cannot* eat any pre-made waffle from a box, it just tastes like cardboard to me.

    28. Sugar Spice

      Pork with a bitter aftertaste. Any un-scented herbs with a bitter salty aftertaste will do.

    29. Rob Newland

      Uncured chorizo looks like shit. Who knew?

    30. rikkitikki128

      You should make apple crisp. Idk from what but you just should make some apple crisp lol. Also this is a 10/10 video would recommend😂

    31. Smooth Rock

      Yuuuu suuuuuuuuuuuuh

    32. cooking with DRED

      Actually from Psychopathic studies from a real human cannibal they taste most like veal

    33. William Hichens

      Love the vid

    34. Marco A Sierra Bernal

      Uh yah, uh yah, now stir it whit that wooden spoon real, slow... you're gonna deglaze that f*****g pan hahaha

    35. That One Random Guy

      Who wants to count how many times the word "balls" were said

    36. Charlie Koszulinski

      My sisters use mandolins at work when making salads. I was being a bit cocky and said how hard can it be to slice tomatoes? You waitresses have it so easy. So I grabbed a slicer and tomato and on the very first swipe I sliced the corner of my thumb off. Needless to say, I made a laughing stock of myself and scrubbing dishes later that night was painful. I’ll never make fun of wait staff again. Even if they do have it better than us dishwashers.

    37. Rainbow Titanium Knife

      P,,,, ponyo ramen?

    38. Scum Boi

      Like really it’s not hard to find human meat you just got a find someone that’s like willing The Queen does it

    39. Jimmy Walkers

      I don’t even cook but still watch his vids lol 😂

    40. ShoTz Clipz

      You forgot the assburgers 5/10

    41. Mangos cost Too much

      Binging with h Jon Benjamin

    42. B R I C K.

      You didn’t use REAL human? No balls

    43. Nervous J

      It completely diverges from the original recipe, but my own take on the Salty Chocolate Balls was to use a recipe for a peanut butter and chocolate buckeye ball, leaving out any attempt to make it look like a buckeye. To make up for the richness of the peanut butter, I used some sea salt over the tops of the balls while the chocolate was drying, then went through the normal process, refrigerating. Nothing like the show, but they're chocolate, they're salty, and they're definitely balls.

    44. Isaiah Masters


    45. Mister Hyena


    46. ツCandyPanda

      0:18 everyone we have an anouncement to make

    47. Lemons Are Lemonade

      I thought of chefs csbs were like a sea salt lindor truffle

    48. Christian Pichardo

      This dude is the best cooker ever

    49. Aaron Rush

      My dude said maybe a tablespoon of dried oregano so do I put it in there or nah?

      1. light yagami

        Yea maby

    50. Rill

      Just looking at an unused Mandolin slicer gives me the heebie jeebies i refuse to have one in the house after nearly losing a finger D;

    51. amber Parker

      My only thing is whats the point of removing the seeds they are the best part

    52. James Martinez

      I couldn't help laughing everytime he said chocolate a child...i know..there's shame.

    53. Lord Darklight

      “Hello CHILDREN!!! What can DO FOR YOU today.” This is line describes what happens when the actor for chef died. They recycled his old lines. It was pretty funny.

    54. itsRHINOTIME

      Oh hell no, I’m on the Mediterranean diet!!!

    55. Deadendassassin . . .

      does it really need Mexican beer? can we replace it with American beer?

    56. Joe Adams

      "man chef's balls are tasty" what the heck am I watching 3:48

    57. mmko

      The ones in the cartoon look like brigadeiros.

    58. Mitty

      At least uou didn't chop the tip of your finder off washing a bread knife...

    59. Narutoismylover 22

      How did we find out human taste most like pork😭😭😭

    60. xoxoxocupkakes

      I wanna see him make the chum burger from the chum bucket !

    61. Felicity Acosta

      its so hard to believe he doesn't go to culinary school..

    62. Marcus Pascua Draker

      "Chef's balls are tasty"

    63. CocoManiac

      I died when he said "and man chefs balls are tasty" 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    64. Rickle Pick2003

      You went to that fest on my 14th b-day

    65. Blackpanthe 25ishot

      When you said you would make the chilli I thought wha... your ganna kill people to make chilli

    66. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

      First episode of Babish I ever watched, and I surely do not regret finding it by accident while watching Food Wishes

    67. Jake Day

      "unless you are a trained professional like me you want *drops shallot and cuts him self Ow f**k f**k f**k

    68. jacen cade

      Narutos menma ramen is a dish you never made

    69. JacobJohns100

      You could have done a salted chocolate truffle for the salty balls

      1. JacobJohns100

        But that's just more just the texture I imagined they'd be

    70. Mr Jumbo

      Haha, he said *balls*

    71. Justin Webster

      make the dessert from Grand Budapest Hotel

    72. GarlicShadow76

      How the hell do they know what human tastes like?! 🤣🤣🤣

    73. Blake Wills

      make ass burgers

    74. Iggv Iggviilanueva

      “Hey I love your salty chocolate balls chef!” Im on the floor dying

    75. The Real Char Aznable

      Anyone know how he did in the cookoff?

    76. FairClaw

      Pffft Kenny gets the joke

    77. Edward Lalonde

      What's the name of the song at the start?

    78. Bkaluscious _180


    79. JCProfit

      The first member of the clean plate club: Randy’s Frittata

    80. TRIZsTANDs GeGo

      Good luck to your blood sugar:)

    81. Michael Gene

      What kind of plastic wrap do you use? It almost looks waxy.

    82. NakkiPeruna

      Cartman is truly a scary individual.

    83. Robert Bowser

      Why the coco for the chili

    84. Powerhouse Willington

      Anyone else jump when he reacted to slicing his finger open?

    85. Walker Colt

      How about family guys general dinner plate??

    86. Tyler Welch

      Haha all looks great, but thanks so much for doing the Oh Yeah lol

    87. MultipleShoe

      How has he not done ratatouille

      1. zestyjester

        He has....

    88. Ambermon

      In the words of Randy Marsh. GAWL.

    89. Blitzn 909

      Fuck fuck...fuck By far one of the funniest moments on this show!

    90. Jason Borshchik

      I love how he said “oh yea” just like Randy when he put the creame freesh on top. Brilliant!!

    91. Jackson Golz

      He should’ve done Eric’s mom’s tea with lemon and codeine

    92. Peyton Collins

      i started cringing as SOON as the mandolin came out. i don’t fuck with those

    93. Morgan Kinney

      Can i just say my whole hand hurts after watching u cut your finger

    94. eva

      the ice cream had sugar

    95. Baseball Guy

      Anyone notice that “last night” when he made creme freesh that the firtata was in the oven

    96. Matthew Loren

      This guys voice is awesome!

    97. SoilentGr33n

      It's not cream freesh, it's crem fresh.

      1. Aspiring Creator

        He's pronouncing it the way Randy did in the episode.

    98. Jack Linde

      I always thought Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls were some variant of Rum Balls.

    99. KadenThe Kreator

      How do they know humans taste like pig? Oh yeah. Americans. I should stop talking

    100. Mephistofelipe Abracax

      You forgot to put boogers and cum