Binging with Babish: Shrimp from Forrest Gump | Part 1

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

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    Bubba Gump Shrimp doesn't have to be associated with a horrible chain restaurant in Times Square - it can be the fullest realization of Bubba's love for the fruit of the sea. Creamy shrimp salad, crispy coconut shrimp, luscious shrimp gumbo - join me as I embark upon the first few dishes on the illustrious list dreamt up by everyone's best good friend. And I managed to do it without even a single Forrest Gump impression!
    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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    1. Jacob Cassell

      4:22 What did he say? Tropical what?

    2. Keemstar 2.0 chode

      This is the only food show I watch

    3. Jonas Abreu


    4. Sanguinius Prime

      Everytime I hear 'Shrimp', I scream 'Prawn' internally.

    5. Joanna Wagoner

      I made the panfried shrimp with the baking powder coating and garlic butter compound- it was very good! i normally just used butter and garlic and let it cook with the shrimp, but this method definitely yields a better result! thank you for making cooking so much fun

    6. TheVampManson Gaming

      Part 2?

    7. Zaexyr

      No Gumbo File right at the end? I make gumbo at least once a month and eat it for a week straight.

    8. Panda_Master __

      The legend of pt.2 is still around. When it will be brought to us we have no clue.

    9. Magnolia Wallflower

      You should go on Beat Bobby Flay

    10. Dope Lemons

      best BWB episode so far

    11. theshevirgo

      Making and then enjoying a pot of Gumbo is indeed one of those perfect life moments. You need Gumbo file tho

    12. kervie jereza

      Still waiting for part 2

    13. JungHunt

      Magnanimity... I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    14. Nightwolf5151

      where's part two?

    15. Heidi Wren

      When is he going to do the part 2?

    16. Logical Overdrive

      I would actually be down for a shrimp burger.

    17. Carson Bayne

      Whatever happened to part 2

    18. art에반


    19. Matthew Wechsler

      Where’s part two?

    20. Cryin' Bryan

      before, i didnt like shrimp. later learned i was allergic to it. but this video made me want to try it again

    21. Coolcatwii

      Rip part 2

    22. Elijah Bravo

      I got the strengf, of a thousand shrumps.

    23. TheSavageIs Me

      Bubba's Death makes me sad

    24. GLaDOS Main Core

      Fresh chopped video.

    25. ZoeBios121

      Babish taught me about Fond

    26. Dakota Oakes - Rookie

      "I hope you can smell that through the camera." Jokes on him. I have anosmia, so I can't smell a damn thing. HaHa- *Please help me*

    27. Ayy Lien

      Still waiting for part 2

    28. Iosif Dzhugashvili

      Can we have a whole channel just of clips of Babish dancing tho?

    29. Khushi Nigam

      Eleanor is straight up crying rn

    30. Mike G

      We're still waiting for part 2.


      Part 2

    32. Sebastian Spozetta

      Its prawns

    33. Compton Kozak

      Where’s part 2?

    34. DarkWolf Gaming

      Anybody else cry when bubba died?

    35. Stephen Pitts

      Where's the rice video

    36. Dandy man

      Season 2 of this anime will be released in 2091

    37. John Logan

      Still waiting for part 2 of the shrimpfest...

    38. Kireekun Kado

      While I'm positive that his gumbo was fantastic, I'm over here like "thats not how you make cajun gumbo Babish" but at least he got the andouille right XD

    39. Godo's Kitchen

      Part 2 never came out

    40. *cough *

      even shaggy himself cannot create part 2

    41. Korey Williams

      You should check out Americas test kitchen version of making rue. Cast iron skillet and an oven.

    42. Korey Williams

      Bubba gump loves shrimp almost as much as I do. 😋

    43. Kennedy O’Day

      Shrimp peoples for life!

    44. Zeoxys

      Where is part 2

    45. Maximus42

      It made me happy that you included the bit of higher love at the end. Recently found this channel but it makes me really hungry and youre a great chef Babish!

    46. Gucci Thugz

      Bubba was a legend

    47. Anson Hu

      Anyone else still waiting for the part 2? Or just me

    48. Suzannah Connel

      But was the butter lettuce and optional tomato fresh chopped?

    49. TH3 PLA1NP1L0T

      Siomai, anyone?

    50. Harrison Douglas

      banish I'm sorry but if you're gumbo doesn't take at least 2 days to make its not true gumbo

    51. xRafinha

      Everytime I each shrimp my tongue numbs... Is that alright?

    52. Ultra_Enderman26


    53. Benji Mlem


    54. ⭐


    55. Just Another Fanboy

      Am I the only one who hates when you order shrimp at a restaurant and they come with the tails on You have to get your hands covered in sauce or oil or whatever trying to get the damn things out

    56. Clayton Mathews

      HELP! I have this gumbo on the stove right now. Do you not salt it??

    57. Sameoljess

      Where's part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol I just realized I'm slow affff

    58. Carson England

      RIP Part 2 :/

    59. KING_R0N1N

      WHERE’S PART 2??????????

    60. •Amori

      5:13 i wonder how long it will be until he forgets he has a cut on his finger and squeezes a lemon like that again

    61. Trey Howell

      We're still waiting for part 2...

    62. Völlgarr

      Part 2?

    63. Maia Hisula

      Where's the part 2?

    64. Chocolate Milk

      "its intestine" or as gordon ramsay put it, "its shit sack"

    65. iwilleatyourtoes

      I'm deathly allergic to shrimp why am I here

    66. ShabbyDani

      Baked rice. I am offended. *- from an asian girl*

    67. Madisyn Quinn

      Part 2?

    68. Lara Horhor

      so, where is part 2 babby?

    69. Sione J.

      As a native new orleanian, and chef, I held my breath when you said gumbo. Recipe pages as of late have been making it quite hard to trust out-of-towners with this precious dish. I released it with excitement when you made your roux. Yessss. I knew I loved you for a reason. I will say, however, that you diddddd get a side-eye for leaving those tails on in your gumbo. lol.

    70. Thomas Teniente

      This is some top tier food porn

    71. James Whitehurst

      No potato salad with the gumbo?

    72. Will C

      *s h r e m p b u r g a h*

    73. eg The4

      Part 2 ???????

    74. Melinda Guy

      Fart noise

    75. Tiernan Colson

      Make the cake from shreck 4

    76. Jordan Villarruel

      Yo,where part 2 at

    77. DURR

      Part 2 pls daddy

    78. Biscuit Boi


    79. ThatOneGuyWhoWatchesHentai

      I loooooooove shrimp

    80. Eric Sanchez

      Maybe part 2 is going to be his last episode 😢

    81. Bepis Draws

      Babish has a salt kink

    82. Riley A

      You should make the box of chocolate from Forrest gum

    83. DRTMaverick

      Where is part two

    84. Herhsey Ford

      Still waiting for part 2💀

    85. Lxser Xo

      There actually a restaurant chain called Bubba Gump Shrimp. Theres one in Vegas, it's pretty good.

    86. Alpha Sanismar

      Part 2 never

    87. Joe Adams

      The last dish joined the clean heart and soul club R.I.P. bubba

    88. mrgolden man

      So a wooden spoon lets you get into all the corners of a circular pot?

    89. justin windsor

      He missed shrimp and grits :(

    90. Jonathan Mcculley

      God cursed me with a shellfish allergy. Fml.

    91. LoydMongo

      Oi! Where's the fockin' second part?!!

    92. Who Is This?

      When's part 2 coming out Babby?

    93. Ian Boudrez

      I'm surprised babish doesn't make his own mayonnaise

    94. Akshay Sivakumar

      B O R T H E R The part 2

    95. r34 Tohru

      Where is petscop 2... shit I mean where is shrimp from forest gump 2

    96. Najam Siddiqui

      Still waiting for part 2

    97. Daniel Szmerek

      _C R U S T Y P A S T A_

    98. Daniel Szmerek

      3 B's... Bubble Bass Butty

    99. Bradley Kiff

      Me and everyone else in Louisiana are looking and thinking... that’s not how you boil shrimp. Such is life... 🤦🏼‍♂️

    100. America's Firstborn

      Still waiting on episode 2...