Binging with Babish: Okonomiyaki from Sweetness & Lightning

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

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    Okonomiyaki, a dish whose name literally means "how you like", can contain any number of fillings. But as depicted in Sweetness & Lightning, it can contain a great deal more: childlike wonder, paternal bonding, and squid. Follow along this week as we recreate this essential Japanese comfort food, and maybe learn a thing or two about growing up in the process.
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    1. Emily Walters

      less triggered by Worcestershire, more triggered with 'Oak-oh-no-mi'

    2. Kyle Patton

      Baby gender reveal bbq😂

    3. Lady Liza

      You should do the tasty pork cutlet bowl from Yuri on Ice!

    4. Claudio Oyibo

      "Baby gender reveal barbecue." Henceforth it shall be my life's goal to make that a thing.

    5. Katie Ellis

      Anything from Food Wars

    6. Amir Farid

      The feels in that anime man

    7. Aibi Takahashi

      NO BONITO FLAKES!?!?!?!

    8. The Boy Who Cried Wolff

      Hentai food

    9. Angiras Darbha

      Well, since you're doing anime, might as well recommend it: *Shokugeki No Souma*

    10. bloodangel452

      What are the possible substitutes for people who are allergic to shellfish? I would like to try the recipie; however, using oyster sauce, for example, could lead to a bad experience for me. What would you suggest as alternatives?

    11. Jaidon Johnson

      Make something from food wars

    12. Raio Verusia

      what the hell was that Yam? What the actual...

    13. Robert Walpole

      Japanese food looks so damn good. Shame I can't eat more than 0,1% of it since almost everything contains some kind of seafood or fish..

    14. Molten Garnet

      Who's coming to my baby gender reveal barbeque?

    15. Sam Tuson

      That's a good looking bubble and squeak

    16. The Creeper King

      “Wor-chester-shere sauce” *worchestershere sauce. **_WORCHESTERSHERE SAUCE_*

    17. Jay Romero

      You used the thick bonito flakes, huh? Those are mostly for making dashi. You want the "soft" bonito flakes that are thinner and for garnishing

    18. Redcom 1988

      Is this the osaka style of okonomiyaki?

    19. Redcom 1988

      Idk why but i thought of shokugeki no soma when i saw the thumbnail

    20. GSR Mugen

      Weebing with Babish-kun

    21. Jello Fel

      Yam purée makes the okonomiyaki so 😋

    22. Marissa Gillett-Behrens

      Try the herring and pumpkin pie from Kiki's Delivery Service? Or an entire episode with food from Miyazaki's great films?

    23. N Word

      OwO with Babish


      Man am i hungry

    25. III1 III1

      Got turned of seeing so much cabbage

    26. Keo

      Shokugeki no Soma episodes?

    27. Natasha Crabtree


    28. Alastair Hewitt

      Something from Dragonball Z would be cool

    29. Tim Turbo

      I bet that stuff smells *FUNKY*

    30. assmane999

      Do people still do gender-revealing parties anymore? I thought you had to wait until the kid's grown up and decided for themselves what gender they were.

    31. McKenzie Brennan

      My family had an exchange student from Japan and she made this for us and it was brilliant.

    32. Jane Doe

      QP mayo the superior mayo

    33. Jess Van

      When babs has merch I want a shirt with a tiny whisk and a caption saying "appropriately tiny whisk"

    34. Brochtune

      Check out Your Lie in April. Amazing story and has some awesome pastries showcased in it!

    35. Seo Hyung Jin

      W I F U

    36. blasphmous boi

      Ultra omega cabbage cake

    37. yDd Dopey

      Fuck Coleslaw

    38. Lucas Conner

      oh man, you just gotta do Naruto's Ichiraku ramen now man, you kinda dug your self into a hole there lmao

    39. Akame 我 ツ

      Crunchyroll is trash use kissanime

    40. joshua kim

      Food in anime always looks fire

    41. Kaycee Phok

      Do a food wars series

    42. UR MUM

      almost as good as you suck at cooking

    43. Beau Dylan


    44. MrOh2specv

      Anything from food wars lol PLEASE

    45. Khalilah Evans

      Can you do some food from Food Wars??

    46. Archer Bennington

      Also from Smile Precure!

    47. Oreo the Appaloosa


    48. evi

      "wurchestershur sauce" god i fukcing hate americans

    49. MisterTipp

      I’ve done this a bunch of times, but I used normal flour, eggs, water and loads of cabbage, nothing else haha

    50. Aiden Snacklad

      i bet the inside was uncooked