Binging with Babish: Okonomiyaki from Sweetness & Lightning

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Binging with Babish

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    Okonomiyaki, a dish whose name literally means "how you like", can contain any number of fillings. But as depicted in Sweetness & Lightning, it can contain a great deal more: childlike wonder, paternal bonding, and squid. Follow along this week as we recreate this essential Japanese comfort food, and maybe learn a thing or two about growing up in the process.
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    1. Nancy Lo

      Huh, I might try making this. My mom is getting tired of the same list of dish I made.

    2. Ashley

      If you do another anime food, you should really make the bell peppers & beef from Cowboy Bebop !

    3. Neutral Narwhal

      Mate, triggers aren't a joke. They're a term used in relation to various mental illnesses with some key examples being OCD and PTSD and using them like this de-legitimizes them in their proper context.

    4. Sweaty Skeleton

      *_Isn’t this the literal food porn anime_*

    5. Chad Lawhorn

      yam cum

    6. Steve Smith

      My man has edgelord flare in this episode with the sardonic gender reveal & triggered jokes.

    7. Sam Sam

      Clean plate club

    8. Pink Asteriodea

      Banish dealing with the dark arts

    9. ThePersoon

      You ever stumble across a video like this in the middle of the night and think to yourself, “I really gotta eat this...”

    10. TrueFire Element

      What about shokugeki no soma's food.

    11. Clickbaitisreal 2

      Suggestion do a food wars anime video with cruchyroll sponor ship

    12. Cadi Levox

      By the way.. Why does cabbage smell like sewer?

    13. Asa Leininger

      Can you make the Imaginary Feast from Hook?

    14. Matthew Kim

      Shokugeki no soma...

    15. Joseph Stalin

      Happy baby gender reveling barbecue!

    16. d1943i

      "im not a huge bonito flake fan" unsubbed

    17. Oscar James

      Now, i understand that in the USA it's pronounced wustershire; over here in Her Majesty's kingdom it's called wuster sauce

    18. Hybby z


    19. Jasper ter Sluis

      “Two scallions worth of chopped scallions”

    20. vHoudini

      Notice me babish senpai

    21. Jorge Gomez

      Look up the anime called "Restaurant to Another World". That's straight up food porn with D&D mixed in.

    22. Tiffany Stuart

      That ectoplasmic goo tho.... (barf)

    23. Atanas Dimitrov

      What happened to the broth

    24. Kotori iida

      I approve of this video

    25. Hee Yun


    26. Trustin  Dean

      Babish I love you and I know for a fact you didn't mean anything by it but plz don't use trigger in jokes its a real psychological thing that makes a lot of people suffer. Its honestly akin to making fun of a disabled person. Just say like "to set you off" its easy and doesn't hurt anybody. Thanks!

    27. Kyle Stuart

      i hate to be that guy but its pronounced wusster sherr sauce

    28. Yoke Chin Chong

      Sweetness and lightening Me: *oh hell no*

    29. Cameron Wood

      Just to save you time it’s wooster-shire sauce it’s definitely not warcheshtershire

    30. Ice Bear

      Ice Bear says he makes things like this.

    31. GM Norman

      You mean an appropriately kawaii whisk.

    32. sone1Dlove

      I'd love a Hayao Miyazaki special!

    33. Taylor Tait

      Just saw okonomiyaki in Bleach and was going to suggest it here...then I saw he did it 6 months ago. Always on it Babish.

    34. Simul

      859 people were triggered.

    35. Linus Plays

      Make the AND A GUN!!!!!!!! Ramen from Assassination Classroom

    36. mija

      I was so excited until you made a tone-deaf triggered "joke". Let's all try to be a little more woke in 2019.

    37. Jevil Deltarune


    38. BIZ

      I miss sweetness and lightning

    39. Margaret Frost

      You should do the Hiroshima version of okonomiyaki! It's it's own thing, and hella tasty~

    40. Colin Lee

      Cool beard 👍

    41. Eyeial

      does anyone have a recipe for this?

    42. Gina Chen

      "Not a huge bonito fan" what who

    43. waldos magic

      Can you make a coffee jelly from the disastrous life of siaki k.

    44. Izabella Dulalia

      You should also do food wars (the anime) dishes

    45. Ash Fujimoto


    46. Aschliegh Nickoel Elvis

      I just subscribed me and my husband love these we have tried a few of the recipes but they still don’t come out as good looking as yours do. But they are still really really good.

    47. Oopsie Poopsie

      A baby doesn’t know its gender yet so we should really get rid of those barbaric traditions from all society’s. Only referring to baby’s as toddlerselfs

    48. John Marston

      Love that gender comment at then end 😂

    49. Mesmer ASMR

      If you can't find Japanese mayo, Sir Kensington mayo tastes almost exactly like it.

    50. Almighty Nick

      Sanjis curry from one piece?

    51. ogichi32


    52. Gine

      I love okonomiyaki!

    53. Nate Higgers

      Binging with cabbage

    54. every YouTuber

      Anyone else heard shimmering before 3:24 and 320 I heard shimmering instead of simmering that's funny you made a mistake and I find it quite hilarious

    55. Tehreem Jamal

      Rie does it so much better 😬❤️

    56. Madeleine Dawson

      andrew im incredibly drunk and i love u and hey if crunchyroll sponsors u again then mob psycho 100 has some foods in it

    57. Trans Meme

      I recommend the anime shrek

    58. Caleb Hendryx

      *AND A GUN!*

    59. Call me Meowie

      ouiiii.... the sweetest the dinner, the sweetwesst is the chef :3

    60. thisguyanimation



      Anything from food wars

    62. le hieu anh

      You alway make me impress

    63. tr comet

      Do the Cowboy Bebop hangover cure

    64. Rhia Felicitas

      Ponyo's noodles and HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM

    65. go away

      i want a foot wars

    66. Ultra


    67. Evie Saddler

      Ichiraku ramen!

    68. J C

      Can you make something from the anime “FOOD WARS” anything will do

    69. XYdamage

      Made it for my parents, they loved it! Thank you!

    70. Emmy Van Dort


    71. cloud fluff

      Okanomi oka-gnome-i

    72. DestroBot

      I love this damn anime

    73. Juju

      i bet those hardcore weebs must be correcting his pronunciation under their breaths right now

    74. Sasuke Uchiha

      “Ooh you can really dance” “Ooh you can really dance” “Then he said *dun dun dun*” “He said *dun dun dun*” “We’ve both been dancing for quite sometime” “WHAT A COINCI-DANCE”

      1. Sasuke Uchiha

        Wrong video my bad

    75. Ace Of Spades

      please do something from food wars (the anime)!

    76. Kevin Dynes

      And thus, Tiny Whisk debuts...

    77. タオル先生

      i didn't know dikon was called mountain yam here

    78. chezboi

      Do something from Food Po- I mean Shokugeki no Soma

    79. Storm Arashi

      Eeee! This made me so excited, I ADORE Sweetness and Lightning! If you plan to make more recipes from it, could you please consider the vegetable gratin from episode 3?

    80. Donatas Simaitis

      842 dislikes because he said gender LOL my best bet

    81. dsproductions19

      1:57 This actually made me laugh, and makes me want to try making this at some point. Thanks!

    82. thay guy with a pair of reasonably sized speakers

      Oh babish tut tut tut, it’s pronounced wusster- sauce I should know because I live in Britain

    83. Brandon Martinez

      *Rice Noodles* from Flavors of Youth (one with MSG and one without it) *Assorted Oden* from One Punch Man (if possible lol)

    84. Femarie Sabado

      Food wars!

    85. 敏君赵

      the japanese yam also called chinese yam, actually part of chinese medical herbology, to treat disorders related to the stomach, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. The roots of chinese yam contain diosgenin, which can be used to produce steroids such as estrogen and progesterone in a lab.

      1. 敏君赵

        eat healthier

      2. 敏君赵

        not recommending you substitute it

    86. Faster ThanNone

      Okonomiyaki is so fire

    87. Faster ThanNone

      Okonomiyaki is so fire

    88. dandaman365

      Legit this is a Vietnamese thing as well but there is seafood in it and more pancake-like. It’s still super good and I really want some right now.

    89. Victoria McHale

      Maybe next how about the curry buns from black butler

    90. Alfred Merck Omambac

      That's my favorite food all of time

    91. JCProfit

      As a man from the future and past, this is the first appearance of tiny whisk.

      1. JCProfit

        dfgdfg yesss

      2. dfgdfg

        is that a stoned Madagascar penguin?

    92. letsbedragonflies

      Though the comments on this episode seem generally very fun and nice, the replies are really goddamn mean on several comments. If you don't like anime that's fine because everyone likes different things, but the way some of these replies are written it's as though anime killed their family or something. If you don't like Babish doing anime food, the best thing to do is probably not to hate on everyone who thinks it's nice that he's broadening his cooking arsenal to anime/eastern food. This is a wholesome cooking channel, please let it stay that way!

    93. TengokuNET

      Easy to make. _90% of the ingredients are outta reach_ nice one, you weeb!

    94. Grungereaper citruschris

      Oh dude if you were gonna go for an anime dish food wars would've been the way to go

    95. Jared Knapp

      What about post op gender reveal barbecues? Asking for a friend.

    96. Nick Pridgeon

      Can not get passed the Bonito flakes. That's bait for fishing haha. Other than that I'm keen on it.

    97. Synchronizor

      Just got back from a business trip to Japan, where I got to enjoy several different okonomiyaki recipes when we stayed overnight in Osaka. I can confirm that it's absolutely delicious, and I'll definitely be referring to this video to try to replicate it at home (or at least get close).

    98. Weston Davis

      Do squid ink pasta from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure please!

    99. Sacchan

      Please do Beef Stroganoff from Symphogear GX!

    100. wyatt breymeymeyer

      why does the crated yam look like semen