Binging with Babish: Okonomiyaki from Sweetness & Lightning

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

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    Okonomiyaki, a dish whose name literally means "how you like", can contain any number of fillings. But as depicted in Sweetness & Lightning, it can contain a great deal more: childlike wonder, paternal bonding, and squid. Follow along this week as we recreate this essential Japanese comfort food, and maybe learn a thing or two about growing up in the process.
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    1. 45Thawk

      Can you make takoyaki?

    2. 86Drifter

      *Binging with Weebish*

    3. Costin 2.0

      I dont understand anime

    4. le Dakaath

      I just can't amagine that hot cabbage is nice 😂

    5. Marco Arambula

      You make me sick.

    6. Vu Nguyen

      I made this and ended with burger

    7. Grace Goins

      First time I tried one of your recipes, love your show. Okonomiyaki, full family clean plate club!

    8. clockwork assult


    9. Dave Famous

      0:49 you say that like I would have any idea how it's pronounced

    10. Sierra Fontes

      I hope you watch "Food Wars!" (anime) and make something from that... Also don't let the first episode scare you off lol. You're awesome

    11. Tyler Forrest

      make an rice omelette

    12. minus trpka

      arigato babish senpai

    13. Lena Chan


    14. IkkeLaMegVæreBorte

      You should do the rabbit from The Lobster

    15. sagejamie

      Correct pronunciation would be oh-koh-no-me-ah-ki

    16. Αλέξανδρος Βαχί

      AmaaAmaa to Inazuma best food and wholesome slice of life series, glad you made this dish~

    17. Taylor Green

      Hey babish, I am a new subscriber and I love the videos, unfortunately however I have celiac disease and Am not able to make and try most of the foods u do because of it. Not sure if you are familiar with celiac or not but basically it’s a gluten “ allergy “. I was wondering if you could make some kind of gluten free dessert or breakfast as one of your videos, thank you and keep up the great work!!

    18. Crat Strat

      This doesn't look half bad...

    19. The Mad Hacker

      I like saying okonomiyaki lol

      1. The Mad Hacker

        any yes, i copy/pasted to avoid trying to spell that...

    20. Danielle Wilson

      Congratulations. TRIGGERED!!! *EYETWITCH, EXPRESSO FLASHBACKS* Woostah sauce!! (Australian way) p.s at food markets, google Eat Street Markets Brisbane, these are really popular and nicknames Japanese Pizza and my goto is the pork belly (obviously)

    21. Costas

      I had an okonomiyaki in Hiroshima and it was a bit different to this. It was a place with a large griddle. The customers sat around it. They first poured some of the mixture (only the liquid, no cabbage) on the surface. Then they added powder and cabbage, some ingredients you chose (like pork belly) and then poured more of the mixture on it. Then they flipped it a couple of times and voila! It was amazing. It was so crunchy they gave you a metallic spatula to cut it.

    22. Dylan Ryan

      Great now all the weebs are gonna be here and ask for 30+ different recipes for ramen.

    23. Benjamin Johnson

      Worcestershire worce-ster-shire

    24. GamerGeek TV

      i applaud andrew for watching subbed anime and not dubs

    25. An Pham

      More anime food plz

    26. wiggle dog

      crepes from Kobayashi san Chi No Maid Dragon ??????

    27. Nickdini Hoodini

      binging with cabbage

    28. Vy

      *whispers* when u grate that yam over noodle it's called bukkake udon 😏

    29. Firaga

      wtf happened to your chef knife

    30. Jem Hall

      If you get another sponsorship from crunchyroll, can you do the mystery croquettes from kill la kill.

    31. Evan And a little more

      *cooks in Japanese*

    32. K D

      this was the first anime I ever watched

    33. Klaire Sen


    34. Benjamin Herbst

      0:48 i swear to god will stab you in the neck

    35. Jeff Sheridan

      I’m just a kid but I love watching this channel

    36. Selena Medrano

      This is great I'm gonna use this defiantly at my baby gender bbq reveal!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 looks sooo good

    37. Javelin Throw

      Why wouldn t you make a kbab?

    38. Whatever Wolf

      hey Babish ever heard of an anime called food wars?(you'll like it)

    39. Crazy Gameplayz

      Cabbage with Babish

    40. Tavis Vaughn


    41. Ron White


    42. Matt

      Bro make more anime stuff

    43. TheGrowling Araknid

      Dat so kawaii

    44. Miku DxD 18

      I did not expect Crunchyroll to sponsor babish lmao

    45. whatisalogan

      if you're making weeb food now, make literally anything from food wars

    46. CorpseBride

      This isn’t even remotely close to traditional

    47. David Sneakers

      No anime

    48. Tyrael Pire

      You missed the upertunity to make a food wars dish

    49. DorK_Knight

      No cap that yam looked like semen

    50. yukineswan

      Top 10 Anime Crossovers