Binging with Babish: Car Panini from Family Guy

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    Recipe giveaway thing! What are the rules? Post images and descriptions of your sandwich to Instagram or Twitter, tag me, use #babishpanini - I'll choose the winner, they get a dope knife, and I share their recipe on the 3M subscriber special. Deadline is August 15th!
    Peter Griffin isn't a practical, intelligent, kind, or relatable man. I'm not sure where I was going with that - point is, guy is a slob (even for a cartoon), and he made a sandwich and you guys all wanted to watch me eat it. Well here ya go.
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    1. Kaquash

      That really grinds my gears!

    2. Andrew Haase

      How bout you cook your sausage before putting them in the panini?

    3. Leo Lor

      Hahaha a Doug score? That's great!

    4. OneMadLink

      So much sugar holy fuck LOL

    5. Fabian Lizarraga

      Looks nasty

    6. Kekistan Trollmeister

      Accurate my ass, he used franks not vienna sausages

    7. Mr. badenglishspeaker

      Thank you son

    8. Lord Mado

      I bet Fat irish americans that are slow in the head would love it.

    9. the Wall

      Use amarican chese with doritos and yus kitkats instead of peanut butter cups and use spam rather then susage

    10. iammrcrap

      I still really wanna eat this, I eat "weird" food combos like this all the time and I think I'd love to have this on a future cheat day of mine when I got Cadbury creme eggs on hand (so around easter I guess). I used to understand people with "normie" pallettes but eventually I've really opened up to conventionally weird shit and honestly I love that i did

    11. Noah Miller

      Your car will never smell the same

    12. wiegraf37

      You know what the problem is? You used vienna sausages. You shouldve used smoked sausage. Makes all the difference, believe me.

    13. 40 Silver

      He used regular sausages

    14. Keith is keith

      I just got a car ad before the vid

      1. Dr Nefarious

        For some reason your profile image goes with your comment

    15. tntgamer640

      Omg I want to see this on my AR-new home

    16. Vince Owen

      haha nice

    17. Ammon Janey


    18. Bindy's Bookshelf

      A possible alternative could be cinnamon raisin bread, candied bacon instead of Vienna sausage and pretzels or regular potato chips instead of doritos. Keep the reese's and Cadbury egg.

    19. pumpkinhead guy 101

      the world's most gross sandwich peter griffin's car panini sandwich i like it with ball park hotdogs not those can sausage it made me sick sometimes🎃🚘

    20. GlitchKid *

      Panini means little sandwiches in italian

    21. Owl Enigma

      My scivies after boot camp.

    22. Nelya

      Audiii 😍😍💞

    23. Vector Rector

      Really. i thought it would taste amazing

    24. William Vicendese

      Nice car

    25. AXEMANJO

      Remove the sausages and it's going to be better, I'm pretty sure.

    26. Robert Walpole

      This'd work with danish chocolate spread and swedish beer sausage (hard smoked, dried and marinated).

    27. _RaftTipper _

      make ichiraku ramen from naruto

    28. Ness The PK master

      *How to get diabetes 101*

    29. Caiden Wichert

      Your supposed to leave the Cadbury egg in your hot ca-oh wait that would also melt the chocolate.

    30. Eyeless jack

      That just looks disgusting

    31. nickzilla20

      Using canned hot dogs was pretty gross.

    32. Animation Cow

      Feast of Fiction could have done this too

    33. ThosekindOfNightcores Nightcore Lovers Come To play

      Instead of doritos crackers keep the rest the same or the creme egg for marshmallow

    34. Eric liang


    35. MaveriKat

      It's only 'disgusting' in the sense that this is a super sugary-sweet sandwich. Hurts your teeth to chew. Otherwise I thought the peanut-butter was a nice accent to the hot-dogs.

    36. Geoffrey Adams

      Questions is, has anyone else tried it?

    37. Gabrielk 2024

      Wimp! Bet it taste like heaven! Haha

    38. Naz Belem

      I would eat that

    39. Ghost of Bill Cooper

      Well you totally messed that up from the start. He didn't use canned sausage. Why would you chose canned Vienna sausage, hot dogs would have been a way better match to the cartoon. Completely failed.

    40. bleach clorox

      Forgot the eggs?

    41. JarenPikakamoji 3257

      You can’t cook food in the car it’s too dangerous and your car will explode?

    42. Cherti Kinamoto

      Easy. Take the gross Vienna sausages aka the worst meat ever to exist and employ red snapper hot dogs in their place. Yes they MUST be red snappers, regular hot dogs produce too much grease.

    43. Angel


    44. OmmiSombra

      This sandwich looks good _minus the vienna sausages_

    45. Monkey Fling poo

      Idk wy but it looks good.

    46. Bern Trees

      You were only dapples to use the inside of the egg

    47. Mark Mendoza Hernandez

      I got nauseous just watching this...

    48. ittah_


    49. The SCREAM

      IT sounds really good

    50. Alexandra Neko

      I think if you remove the meat, it will make it 50 times better... Meat in a can is gross