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    Recipe giveaway thing! What are the rules? Post images and descriptions of your sandwich to Instagram or Twitter, tag me, use #babishpanini - I'll choose the winner, they get a dope knife, and I share their recipe on the 3M subscriber special. Deadline is August 15th!
    Peter Griffin isn't a practical, intelligent, kind, or relatable man. I'm not sure where I was going with that - point is, guy is a slob (even for a cartoon), and he made a sandwich and you guys all wanted to watch me eat it. Well here ya go.
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    1. bröther lööps


    2. Unequal Paladin PvP

      Hahahahah the doug score bit was amazing.

    3. Jackinabox

      I like that you’re so dedicated to accuracy that you actually cooked in your car

    4. sillyninja65

      red wine and chocolate sauce with added cream, fried sausages, deep fried paprika flavours thin sliced potato (for the crisps) and toasted brown bread with garlic butter? maybe

    5. jason boss

      It’s so good I’m eating it now

    6. Ender Shard

      1:00 "I can't imagine a panini without buttered bread" *Proceeds to put Reece's and Doritos on a sandwich*

    7. TheRealZnrG - Gaming, Music, Memes, & More!

      That looks disgusting XD how did you eat that

    8. 《KenKazuki • Psychopath》

      Those are Vienna sausages, which barely, JUST barely classifies as a real sausage

    9. Sam Hahn

      The fact that you did a Doug Score is beyond amazing. I legitimately laughed for 3 straight minutes.

    10. Guardian Angel217

      Ok but why the fuck do I want to eat this??

    11. StudioUAC

      boy drives an Audi

    12. supermariolarry

      You gotta use hot dogs

    13. Matt  Downes

      Do adventure time bacon pancakes

    14. Judy Chen

      0:07 even though it was a real raw egg

    15. All i do Is win

      Its pretty good

    16. Georgios Makgeobio

      The serious way that speaks and says yuck...!!!😂😂😂

    17. h ush

      I was thinking of doing this

    18. Bilal Patel

      I think it would've tasted okay without any chocolate. So basically hot dogs, doritos and peanut butter

    19. boldsign

      Gross! Going through the trouble to make such a disgusting treat.

    20. Mikhail Gorbachev


    21. Richard Sousa

      I don’t really watch your show but I will leave a like for the shear commitment to the source material. Bravo

    22. Anthony Iaconelli

      What does the tattoo on his left forearm say? The one with the knife and whisk...

    23. LeShawnDeQuea

      Has anyone made a better version yet?

    24. spencrtheman87

      Goddamnit if I don’t love Doug demuro

    25. john doe

      I disliked the video because the entire last part you csn save that shit

    26. TheLegitGamer9071

      I can’t believe Randy Quaid gets to eat like this everyday.

    27. Toxic Nightmare

      I love how he pulls out a pair of underwear out of no where like it's nothing

    28. Jay Taylor

      Scrap the egg and use Nutella

    29. Arnav Vamsidher

      Do Hannibal next

    30. Deadpools10

      Peter used hot dogs not Vienna sausages

    31. Keawe Quinones

      I got diabetes watching this

    32. Doge

      I feel so bad for Andrew in this episode.. great episode as ever though

    33. og jonx


    34. Anti Matter Dynamite

      no egg?

      1. Sharpie

        1:22 there u go

    35. the casual gamer

      Not gonna lie... Id totally eat that. That looks fucking amazing.

    36. Moth

      Wheres clevand

    37. Moth


    38. samuel rivera

      to make this panini. i used actual beef sausages like peter used (it doesnt show or say he used vienna sausages) and cut them down the middle, and mixed the Reeses and cadbury egg, and pureed until mixed thoroughly, then i let out the air in the bag of doritos and crushed them in the bag with my palm into nice small pieces. i put the doritos on the bottom, followed by the beef sausages, then topped with the reeses and cadbury egg puree. the chocolate went surprisingly went well with the meat, the meat offered a layer between the cheese and chocolate, and of course the beef went well with cheese. it was edible. oh an i used a sea salted butter to butter the bread. overall taste was a tolerable experience, as meat does go well with chocolate. the salty nature of the beef sausage mixed well with the sweetness of the chocolate. the doritos went surprisingly well with the chocolate puree as well. so overall it was edible, the only problem i had with this, was no drink. lol i would post this one to Instagram or Twitter but i have neither.

    39. Demons In Ties


    40. youthgirl08

      But he used hotdog not those little sausage

    41. pablo Hill

      Don't use Vienna sausages

    42. JoonienoXvillz

      That mk.3 Supra tho....

    43. brad Purcell

      The doug score was priceless hahaha

    44. Cihan Depe


    45. Andrew&Olga

      You have to subject yourself to a painfully miserable diet that your wife forced you into before you can eat this.

    46. Max Smells Socks Daily


    47. Boskos Bestes

      Ichiraku ramen from naruto pls

    48. Gaza Shotshell

      I would try this challenge late but i probably could eat the show accurate panini with little problem

    49. Mitch Mecham

      Just switch the break and hotdogs to a sweeter or candy version. Then you just have a slightly less disgusting treat.

    50. Danny the great

      YES I have been waiting for someone to make this for so long thank you