Binging with Babish: Bubble Bass' Order from Spongebob Squarepants

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

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    Bubble Bass is notorious in Bikini Bottom for three things: his hideous laugh, his pathological dishonesty, and his sophisticated palate for Krabby Patties. Follow along this week as we examine his soundboard of secret-menu jargon and take a crack at the almost-impossible-to-recreate patty melt - from the all-new BwB kitchen!
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    1. Jeffrey Ventura

      You had to use 2 long toothpicks and stick it in the sandwich

    2. Quiet Storm Clasher

      4:06 well damn

    3. Jordan Vasquez

      *a singular pickle*

    4. whyiseveryusernametaken15

      This guy likes the office AND spongebob. This might be my long lost older brother

    5. Jonas P.

      Texas toast is the best from Dairy Queen

    6. suliman altuaimeh


    7. Dynamorphic


    8. depressed cockroach

      i hate you for making me so goddamn hungry!!!!!!!!!!

    9. werty9009

      Matt stonie should do this as a challenge

    10. Matteo Whitlock

      Ok I AR-new I watched it

    11. UGD_InsanityStar

      he forgot the Peprika

    12. Ayden Bradley

      It's like Jenga except at the end you get to kill yourself.

    13. Steve Reed

      You absolute madman!!

    14. M. gryphiswaldense

      This is hilarious!

    15. The Sedaiv

      Watching your show makes me SOa hungry

    16. Comic skeleton

      I'm getting diabetes just by looking at this

    17. Tanya's Food Affairs

      :))))))))ahahahahah you made my day man!

    18. Evolution Gaming

      _”Let me guess, a small salad"?_

    19. ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

      He didnt ask for it on a raft fir the second one babish cmonnn

    20. Zach Larsen

      I'm not claiming that Utah "invented" in and out sauce, but Utah totally invented it. Fry sauce is just ketchup, Mayo, and just a little pickle juice. Simpler than in and out, but delicious on everything

    21. that one cuber

      We sell food here sir.

    22. UnstableAvicado

      spongebob is such a good anime

    23. Hale Halious

      I am hungry

    24. DaMangs

      You are one hell of a hard worker my man.

    25. Firephoenix 95

      1:15 "happen to have"

    26. Tedious person

      I gained 500 lbs watching this


      Rip Stephen hillenburg

    28. Mauricio Valdez

      Let me guess tiny, a small salad?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    29. Dat_Ash Doh

      I'd love to eat that whole burger

    30. Carlos Quintana

      broski put all this effort in makin the vid and didnt even use hamburger buns lmao wtf isthis

    31. asiago bagels

      watching all those patties stacked just made me pregnant with a food baby

    32. iFelinka

      Oh, is is normal that this makes me horny?

      1. Swupez

        Yes perfectly normal

    33. Yassine Ahmed

      R.i.p stephen hillinburg

    34. Michael Connaughton

      should do a collab where matt stonie comes in and crushes the food. this one in particular would have been crazy!

    35. The Stalker

      Gordan would be happy

    36. XxxBlu 69

      Doing God’s work

    37. NaCHoS TV

      0:31 that nerve on your head LOLOLOL

    38. Mr. Smelborp

      *I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.*

    39. Mushida Heat

      Is instrument a mayonnaise

    40. DARK ALIEN97

      Dude I swear I thought it said bubble ass burger 😂

    41. The Lifeless Animatronic

      You forgot the squeeze :(

    42. DJ DARIANA

      Bro. Use sticks for it to be stable next time. Like stacking cakes you use giant straws or sometimes pipes to hold up the cake.

    43. Hentai Queen

      3:34 janga

    44. Roddy

      How is a patty melt different than a cheeseburger ?

    45. augustas svabas

      Big smoke's order.

    46. Lawrence Larman

      This is as big as Big Smoke's order.

    47. lil Oofer

      You forgot the dickles

    48. APersonNamedJune

      Well, at least I know what to do if I wanna kill myself.

    49. Marcus Reasor

      *insert spongebob meme here*

    50. Patrick Dirghpal

      You should have used skewers to stack the burger

    51. Leekie Mayes

      Okay daddy 😏

    52. Chris Reyes

      When spongebob was good...

    53. Funnylazychannel


    54. Bass Heller

      Is anyone else baffled as to why he didn't use a skewer to hold the sandwich together rather than stacking it?

    55. Pyro Cyanide

      What do you do with these foods that you do not finish?

    56. Just Bloo

      Wait a minute, tHe picKleS WerE unDeR HiS TonGUE !?!?


      My grandma used to make this for me as a kid

    58. just the tip? band

      cook that mountain of onions for an hour? your eyes must hate you!🍻

    59. That One Guy

      We serve food here sir

    60. Ruben Ashley Westerhoff

      spongebob makes "normal" sice burgers

    61. Mwr Out

      He forgot to let it swim!!

    62. darkpanda112 ###

      You forgot the mf pickles

    63. Gerson Cuevas

      4:50 "Raccoon City's thinly sliced tomato".

    64. Weston Productions

      I just watched a la beast vomit compilation, where he is literally eating to most revolting stuff, and now I am watching someone make amazing looking food, man, the stuff you can do on the internet

    65. Third Cannon


    66. elcollins320

      goddammit i get hungry everytime i see the thumbnail

    67. Matthew McCarthy

      You forgot the pickles

    68. Matthew McCarthy

      let it swim

    69. Jay N Coke

      What griddle is that and where can I get one???

    70. Pergos

      I really want that burger

    71. Isaac Collins

      I love squidward😂😂

    72. Tommy Yacullo

      You forgot the Diet Dr. Kelp

    73. Daniel gutierrez

      How do you spell the name of the cheese bubble bass ordered?

      1. Daniel gutierrez

        Pink Wings he should have specified that, because aged Gouda is apparently some top tier cheese.

      2. Pink Wings

        he's saying "gouda" in a... special way. His second order didn't have that research into it, so its just fussy instead of impressive.

    74. ChrisManley1994

      “Let me guess tiny a small salad?”

    75. Skelly

      bubble bass is just spongebob's big smoke

    76. Night Owls International

      Are you married? I need a man who's making money on cooking so I can take advantage of his stardom and gain a few pounds.

    77. roxas cruz

      What the f**k bubble ass?

    78. CheZstuff8024634

      Man, squidward's jokes were actually Godly. As a kid, I never fully appreciated them.

    79. Mehis Kivistik

      Daamn that beard 😍


      I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

      1. Mr. Smelborp

        *cOpY aND pAStEd.*

    81. kainoamh

      It still blows my mind that Steve Buscemi delivered the line, "Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?" in a kid's movie.

    82. Krista Arellano


    83. Liza Howard

      The 1.4k people who disliked this vid are the ones that are vegan or jealous of what he made!!!

    84. Thegalactiknight

      I D O N T T H I N K S O

    85. Jimmehford

      that lettuce looks like cabbage

    86. Kermit The Frog

      Annndd... There’s My Ride!

    87. Christian Chavarria

      You should do a vegan version of the dish that you make every once in a while, like you make whatever dish your making but then also make a vegan version, would be very interesting I think!!

    88. Jacob Albright

      Wait, that thing he ordered wasn't just sarcastic nonsense! My eyes are opened to a brave new world.

    89. Super_SUCC69

      Imagine giving that tower-burger to Gordon Ramsay

    90. Dutch van der linde

      You should have forgot the p I c k l e s

    91. Train489 Official

      Thumbs up for more cursing in the videos

    92. Imperator Salt Formerly LMS 5588

      Shredded lettuce is never burger appropriate, it always falls out

    93. An Alarming Number Of Bees

      I could smell the onions through my computer

    94. Kermit The triggerd Frog Lord and savior

      *"let me guess a salad?"*

    95. 2wingo

      Babish, you should try making jelly donuts that look like Japanese rice balls, in honor of the infamous localization in the 4Kids dub of "Pokemon."

    96. Spencer thrall

      Welp now I gotta buy a griddle now

    97. Turkish Delight

      Make a chopped cheese!!!

    98. Christian Abbott

      Bubble bass more like bubble ASS

    99. gamer chick rocks

      *So who's eating this* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    100. Genex SGX Voice Talent

      All hail squidward, best character in all of Sponge-bob.