Ariana Grande - pete davidson (Audio)



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    Music video by Ariana Grande performing pete davidson (Audio). © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. junior rose


    2. SAN Dy

      Gone means gone

    3. Mayesha Munawara

      What if uploading this song means that they didn't break up????🤔🤔😱😱

    4. Joanne Lobo

      i love you ariana

    5. Dona Peci

      Take your time

    6. Alsu Alieva

      why did u and pete break up?

    7. Smaranda Barna

      *I'm just gonna call it piggy smallz*

    8. KATXNAP

      all the people hating also think she’s to blame for macs death. i hate children haha

    9. _ original_

      This is akward now 😳

    10. T

      this is some bs conspiracy. breaks up w petey bumholes so everyone listens to her song hahahahaha

    11. Davide 29

      This song is longer than their relationship...

    12. illicit death

      oh no hunny

    13. G Maque up


    14. Kevin Osorio

      Waiting for "EVERYTIME"! ISSA BOPPPPP

    15. Kevin Osorio

      THIS SONG IS BEAUTIFUL! I love it, pity, mmm, we already know that ... xd

    16. Fire Ass

      wait what

    17. Asya Ruisi


    18. whoops_ lizzy

      She posted this 14 hrs ago it says for me.....ugh they were so cute i loved them 😭❤

    19. Eden Panella

      Ti amoooooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    20. MoveOn


    21. pussheen cat


    22. Karan

      oh bitch ...

    23. Bianca Dedans

      Too bad this song had to die to soon

    24. ari B


    25. Doncey

      the best song really

    26. Hexe Trulala11


    27. blue_ jasmin

      am i the only one who thinks that is weird she's releasing this song on youtube now?...

    28. Gamer girl YouTube Channel

      Omg this is amazing voice is powerful

    29. Angela

      This song deserves a better title 💅 love you Ari 💜

    30. alice

      *their relationship bloke up but this song is forever 💔*

    31. Heï Nui

      Short but one of my favorite !😍

    32. Srto.Sebaas

      😍😍💜Thanks Arii

    33. baradita beawiharta


    34. Orin taniani

      Ariana I love your songs❤️❤️

    35. Lolita Blossom

      Can we call it you now or happy?Cuz callin that pete makes me feel sad

    36. safreen zara

      Yeah we all knew this would happen,, But like, am I the only one sad asf? :((

    37. yeemo fanta

      *pete davidson has left the chat*

    38. ida Larsen time didn't break up.:(

    39. Big Daddy Toyota Corola

      Man she sucks

    40. dania ._.

      I LOVE your voice

    41. Rioy Earth

      I love this song💑💑

    42. Mayasa Bushelaibi

      She did not! Wtf a song about her fiance?

    43. brandon braga

      please change the name song

    44. Ruqqayyah Kaddour


    45. William Da Silva

      *You can have the ring, but I’m keeping the pig* - Ariana 2018

    46. Emma Beck


    47. Marika


    48. Squishy Glitter

      Why is it so short

    49. Ishan Ali

      Pete Davidson is cancelled just like Laura Lee

    50. Astaire Hounmamon

      Boy bye ! She Ain't thinking bout' you