Ariana Grande - 7 rings



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    7 rings (Official Video).
    Song Available Here:
    Connect with Ariana:

    Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
    for London Alley Entertainment Inc
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing 7 rings. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Imad Hadj

      This is ART.

    2. Maia Avakin•

      Ari ta um nojoooo,ameiiii👄💞💞💞

    3. Matilda LENEHAN

      Anyone know where me wig went?

    4. ʟɪᴀɴᴀ

      *I waNt iT, i GoT iT*

    5. alienprotein

      her bangerz era is here

    6. Genni Perez

      For those saying she’s rapping she’s not😭😂 no tea no shade

    7. Dandy Kuro

      TRENDING #1

    8. SweeTEA

      I feel too poor to watch this

    9. celeste g

      Had to upload while I was asleep didn’t you, BUT HEY I’m excited!

    10. Ludvig Edenlund

      Sub to pewdiepie

    11. sad sushi

      I wanna hear her rap more this video was lit

    12. Lisa Salmon

      Omg😭😭 why is she so Perfect🙌👏😍😍😍

    13. S Hiyeri

      So good at 1.25x speed

    14. Iemand uit het noorden

      She say lick my ass 😳😍

    15. RileyRoseA


    16. Sy Ian

      Before 5M Views

    17. Stalkerxoxo


    18. hoang phong

      Arianator Việt Nam điểm danh đi 🌸

    19. Seon na

      Ariana grande snatched our wigs

    20. Dinii alyap

      ✨Ariana Grande✨

    21. White Rose Michi

      So gayy. Its so fucken dumb. Yall just like it cuz it shows girls obviously. This community is so fucked up.

    22. ぷりん

      my favorite things❤️

    23. Marlon Inacio

      So fantastic Ariana Grande you is the best✌🏻

    24. Mia Hengelsberg

      Who knew Ari could rap too🥴

    25. Ivana Dodig


    26. savina_dervishi

      i love her hair

    27. 하은지


    28. samii and sophie show

      this is so amazing ❤❤

    29. shymkent _city13

      Понравилось клип?

    30. taylor Swift8

      When I saw the bike I think stranger Things!!!😆

    31. Nilzylation

      Like if Ari is your favourite thing

    32. Zainab Bukhari


    33. Aamino -


    34. R̷i̷n̷a̷ ̷ R̷o̷

      The aesthetic in this video is just👌👌

    35. Mali Sall

      bdjdjchfnsmsksoaksnfbckdkmenddkjdhdndjxkdmdndncjxkdjdjdjxjxkk. thank you listening to my TED Talks

    36. Arianator 4life

      she is buying everything she likes meanwhile i can't even buy a pack of gum i-

    37. Юлія Матвієнко

      Nope, can't listen to it. If I hear this melody, gonna sing the original song. Also, please, stop calling women bitches, it so self degrading.

    38. Kali Schultz

      Omg I love Ariana grande

    39. Luis Duldoco

      1:53 Giving me "right there" vibes💛

    40. Nadia Duong

      This song be poppin like her songs

    41. teelek phenglavong

      Ariana.. She is so cute&top☺ female singer in my heart.. I am not bored when I see her in her songs both owner and featuring.. She is amazing 💕😍 I mean she is the best 👍💯 Woo 🙂🙃😚😚😚___👈👈

    42. Ngọc Minh Lã


    43. supar SUJON eshan. ( it is my channel )😃😃😃😃

    44. Genni Perez

      2:11 was giving me NICKI VIBES

    45. da queen

      I rll liked the purple pants

    46. francheska nicole

      Beautiful Girl😍😍😍😍😍 Ariana Grande! Arianator for lifee!!

    47. Gabriela Bernal Villalba

      I am disappointed, ari. Will not watch this again

    48. Gabe Segura

      This is her best song hands down

    49. vvQuest

      stream 7 rings ! steps of being awesome Go to full screen Type awesome Enjoy the time bar! If you take it out on this video its unawesome but that means u hate this song :(

    50. Jasmine Tan

      I want it, I got it.