Abandoned And Declassified Black Projects

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World Unearthed

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    From the most best stealth planes; to top secret helicopters caught on tape; These are 7 Abandoned and Declassified Black Projects
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    7.B-2 Spirit | Democracy Calls |
    6.Bird of Prey | Proof of Concept |
    5.F-117 Nighthawk |
    4.Lockheed A-12 |
    3.SR-71 | The Blackbird |
    1.Stealth UH-60 Black Hawk |

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    1. World Unearthed

      What crazy classified experiments do you think the government is working on nowadays? Share your thoughts with everyone :D

      1. Ben R

        2 words...... Artificial intelligence.

      2. Leo Licht

        World Unearthed . 7:00 Vietnam was the winner. America more the war 😂😂😂😂.

      3. JAFO

        +James Rosemary That assumes its the Governments responsibility to shoulder the burden of paying for children and not the parents.

      4. ninjaa22

        We have military ufos

    2. Diecast Emporium

      Talks about "Stealth" Black Hawk...shows Huey.....Jesus Christ.

    3. HawkeyeSTiGuy

      I have a drinking game for ya. Take a shot everytime he says, "AKA." lol.

    4. Jakkihub@

      Giant robots like titens in titenfall. That would be awesome.

    5. Tracer

      I wanna get back on b2 spirit...one of em was downed by Serbian(Yugoslav) aa it crashed in Croatia deep in the woods...and 2 to 3 f117 were downed in Serbia one went to Russia one to china and one is in museum...its tail wing and other parts

    6. StalliniumServingSovietSergeiStronker

      [X] to doubt all

    7. Cryptic Gaming

      That was a stealth black hawk picture that was taken by a real person, it clipped a wall on landing and went down when navy seal were breaching the compound that Osama bin laden was hiding in

    8. Royce Verus

      In 2021 we all be notified that there is a flying Vin diesel with a eye laser technology that shoots flames from the rear end of his butt and throws a nuclear spits through his air intake lol

    9. Weston Carroll

      The picture also depicts the Comanche stealth helicopter that the army scraped due to cost inefficiencies and pressure from the f 35 lighting which they don't have due to the choice to forgo the f35 for the Comanche the f35 cost 3.256 billion to produce a working prototype the Comanche cost around 20 billion

    10. Captain Bllizdy

      Serbia crashed alot of B-2's

    11. TheDr IsZen

      If you don't believe some of the comments here about EXTREME security measures the US takes on its black programs (and I shudder to think of what the Soviets and Chinese may have done to their people), I assure you such tactics are used. I remember my uncle (retired USAF) finally talking about some of the measures he went through just being an ordnance expert. One of only a few dozen to know (by memory) the methods/routes/schedules used to transport nuclear weapons around the US and overseas. He told one (and only one) story of an officer at some base who got drunk and wandered over around the restricted nuclear bomb shelters. BANG... immediately shot dead... no questions asked. After retirement, uncle got a yearly call from military asking all about his life, and he had to notify them of any changes. I'm sure black ops are the same severity. No telling what's out there.

    12. Sander Mesila

      Stop trying to be epic pls, ty.

    13. Moe Money

      I hope to hell they are working on a backup system for our electricity grid and security for our GPS Systems!

    14. OlafttheGreat1998

      Freaking cloaking devices, y'all. I'm Mary Poppins, y'all. Forced joke, y'all.

    15. crackdchosen1


    16. Avion8

      You americans don't know this, Indonesia and south Korea is working on somethin'

    17. Daniel  Duckett

      I think its hilarious that our budget for ONE project is greater than the GDP of a lot of countries

    18. Captain Tedibear

      The more and more of these i see the more they remind me of C&C Generals Zero hour

    19. Saintbow

      Just build Airwolf and be done with it...

    20. Koobie Fox

      They tried to retire the SR 71 but they had no viable replecement, so they had no choice but to keep it going. The Russians had a dedicated military program with their only purpose was to shoot down the SR 71. I heard that the SR 71 was finally retired after the Russians came really close to downing the SR 71, so to preserve the SR 71s perfect record of having never bee shot down they retired it before it could be shot down.

    21. Dr Simon Fox

      Prototypes have also been scrapped before they can can can get built.

    22. TheBunkerBuster 105

      The hardware and software that exist today deep within the US Government’s skunk works divisions must be bordering on black magic. If you told me that the US has actual ODSTs, fully fledged active camouflage, basic energy shielding and a primitive, yet effective fleet of Star-cruisers I wouldn’t be surprised.

    23. Mr. Rotten

      4:20 I actually went there before with my family. Trust me. It's beautiful.

    24. T'airn'KA

      I firmly believe the government wouldn't retire the SR-71 if there wasn't a superior replacement flying around (better then Aurora). ;-)

    25. Miguel Rodriguez

      Build bombers to defend the country or to attack others?

    26. john bales

      The A-12 oxcart is faster than the sr71 by .2 mach and flies 5000 feet higher

    27. HuasoPodrido

      This supposed video document whatever you want to call it should be classified as stupid nonsense nonsensical and a waste of time nothing you showed has been classified for over 20 years

    28. FATLOSER 22

      Im so glad you pronounced Nevada correctly! Btw new sub :)

    29. fakshen1973

      Odd to think that the B-2 is rooted in 1970's technology. That's 40-50 years. Considering in the 1970's a basic calculator was considered state-of-the-art at the consumer level....

    30. Marcus B

      I think levitation

    31. Bryann Guzman

      These are old ass projects imagine what they have now

    32. daniel job

      People in the future are gonna think we're a bunch of f@%king idiots for using the SR-71 to spy on other countries when the airframe is so much better suited to extra-atmospheric aeronautical transport & supply. (Aka: What the space shuttle did!)

    33. IlluminatiNine

      Future experiments: the clickbait detector

    34. CheezyWeezy

      Why are Americans coming to iraq,I’m from there,seriously you Americans just want more war.

    35. Dispo6 Daco

      You should have more subs , great videos ,you`ve got a new subs now

    36. Jiri Kalho

      Can just imagine how happy U.S tax payers are when hearing about these expensive flight experiments worth of billions for almost nothing

    37. Erik Brown

      I bet there is a a Heavy class walker in the works, eather four legged or two Dreadnaut class. With Pilot or without...

    38. Johnps 923

      The blackbird isn’t retired

    39. Dan Sul


    40. Bernd Stielau

      They will still do further research on lasers, rail guns, cloaking... and the DARPA will do for the man on the ground...

    41. pinhaserez

      all the smart comments about the operation where they killed Osama. ha ha, rejects. they did not kill Osama f o o l z "buried at sea" oh my gad you bought that? you must be a drooling gimptard.

    42. WaterGull

      have you even seen Detroit: Become Human, well probably not considering this video is a year old lol.

    43. Mevine Ven

      Its a weird reason cause dont want anyone to get iformation or it is only a conspiracy to fool the world theu have the latest tech but i can claims that i have most avanced top secret anti gravity tech and even or it can go through time when they cant let someone to get in touch with their maybe non exist tech just to fool and i cant let them get this onto their hand sqme dude

    44. rehan olakh

      One Black hawk was shot down in Pakistan & no thats not an artist’s work.. its real

    45. ninjaa22

      We have modern day ufos now for military use. In fact most of the “legit” ufo footage is actually our own technology

    46. Bob Greene

      @joe jose-- No problem using a mature male narrator, even one synthesized with a computer, because everything rests on clarity and a pleasing tonal balance during normal inflection. The widely esteemed BBC nature and political documentaries routinely use professional narration with a baritone male voice. Something of the same effect as the somber, authoritative voice we often associate with "newscasters". . What we do not need is the current fascination with a "creaky, whiny voice", often found with both male and female narrators, in which the voice, itself, becomes a center of attention, obstructing and sidelining the narrative. For example, we might find a small, creaky girlish voice narrating a video about the Roman empire-- simply goes against the format. And forget newscasts with girlish reporters equipped with whiny, creaky, little girl's voices-- a non-starter.

    47. antwan1357

      I saw plenty of stealth planes back in the eighties they all seemed bomber and fighter types , but more recently I've seen a new trend stealth grey nondescript cargo planes seem to be the new thing huge cargo planes making passenger planes look tiny.

    48. Russian Hacker07

      Yes it’s been a while since this video has been posted, but current technology is building railguns, or electric magnetic pulsed billets capable of 5000 Mp/h.

    49. bootroota

      I think the government is secretly working on a way to watch youtube videos without all the useless adds popping up. As far as I can tell they have not made much progress😕

    50. RonSki85

      tucka tucka tucka tucka tucka tucka tucka tucka, and there you have it, you're now a helicopter.