A Tornado Hits The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    We're taking you inside the weather like you've never seen it before. Jim Cantore battles the elements as a storm hits The Weather Channel.

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    1. Jack Henderson

      wow... great computer graphics!!!

    2. April Chamberlain

      Don't forget the helmet and shoes!!! When I was a kid my mom made sure we had our shoes when we had to take cover & I thought who cares about shoes when there is a tornado coming?! I was a kid and didn't know anything!! LOL 😀 Now I make sure my daughter has her shoes on!! The graphics on this was awesome! If I didn't know it wasn't real I would swear it was!! Great job guys!!!!

    3. Kdog Ish

      when you have summer school 4:07

    4. Dina DiBattista

      this is fake

    5. Matthew Best

      We hate when this nigga comes to nc means we are about to get our taints bruised by a hurricane

    6. grop66

      Thanks for sharing 👍

    7. Malak Ouamane

      5:17 A tornado hits it

    8. Hubeldy Speedy

      This is Not real

    9. Ambree Ausby

      lol its so fake!!!

    10. •Golden Galaxy arts and animation•

      If the cgi had a little better shading, this cgi would’ve been better than marvel movies my dude,

    11. Dark Ice DML fan

      4:47 when the fat guy farts in class

    12. chaser vloggs

      That looks so animated

    13. Pat and Jen fan

      My town dosnt get tornados ever it never has and it never will

    14. Admin Chan And Kit Kat

      Tornado:my parents Car: present Man saying "JEEZ":when they throw it at me.

    15. Happy WCWW

      7:33 HOW DID HE DID THAT!?

    16. Lazari {Creepypasta}

      Why is that car me before, during and after exams

    17. Kenzie C.

      America is still strong🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 The flag is literally still there.

    18. Alexander Schestag

      There is one terrible misconception in this video. It's wrong, that a tornado is the stronger, the wider it is. A 2 miles wide tornado can be an EF0, and a very narrow tornado, maybe just 10 meters, can be an EF5.

    19. Haunting Ruby

      Oof i bet the storm wanted to actualy see everyone

    20. TheGaming nugget 1st

      Wow ye flag is a boss

    21. Londyn Johnson

      I swear they’re using action movie

    22. hasiba hrncic

      It was destroed everything like crazy

    23. Gay Fox

      Just gonna wait for ppl to think it’s real😂

    24. ㅕL O N E L Y ㅣ K O O K I Eㅑ

      Grabbing my helmet, brb.

    25. awesome at life

      It is fake



    27. Mia Coralis Polanco

      This is so cool 😂

    28. Cat Poke

      I would watch this weather channel

    29. The Test Dumby

      Click bait

    30. dolan duck

      Better than all the movie cgi

    31. Yung Butterstick

      The clouds and the wind mill are moving in opposite directions.

    32. Detective Pug

      I always hear roars from tornados in movies. Does it actually happen?

    33. Lena

      RTX on

    34. Top Kickerz

      How far will the tornado throw me if im 70 pounds?

      1. Alex Bartch

        An ef0 will drag you a bit, while an ef5 will throw you a mile while simeltaniously ripping you to shreds by 2x4s and metal sheets

    35. ImmortalMuffin 123

      5:20 Oh just a few scratches

    36. Hailey Donaldson

      Teh Tornado loves the flag so much that it spared it xD

    37. Graphic Nerdity

      Fake. I was there, the flag was a payed actor.

      1. Admin Chan And Kit Kat

        Ermergerd 10/10 acting tho

    38. Ronald Donahue

      The cgi was so bad

    39. Vasya Kurolesov

      sometimes in the world a water spot tornado spawns that might be rare

    40. TacoTuesdayProduct

      This is the cringiest thing I've ever watched

    41. Yesica1993

      Well, that was freaking terrifying!

    42. DC RG


    43. portal 95

      Great editing skills 10/10

    44. Music Mike

      I love this TORnNADO

    45. Ron Edwards

      Wedgie tornadoes:tornadoes that give you wedgies

    46. Igor Jovcevski

      I'm waiting for my tornado dream

    47. Bīng Chan

      Ok 4:06 ok that pissed me......

    48. Bīng Chan

      *man: ok google make a tornado* Google: makes her self as a tornado *man:where are my apps* Man 2: sees lots of apps on the tornado Man: there they are* Google stop! (Man 2) Man: falls down *most deadliest thing hits* Man: OoF

    49. Tulip Towers AKA Noodle Loo

      Althought the CGI is bad, it does send a good message. Be safe during these events.

    50. DJProGamer118

      No, this is happening cuz people are destroying life. So tornados kill the stuff humans build, and everything is nice and plain again...

    51. Hunter's Moon

      Where's Pecos Hank in his T.I.T

    52. Ice Kinb

      El Es Pañia

    53. Britt Pomales

      this CGI tornado video is way better than the others. so surreal

    54. Hollie Hake

      Yes America shall never fall to stupid tornado.

    55. Hollie Hake

      so i could tell the car and things were fake but was the tornado itself?

    56. artisteric

      I bet Alaska is safe from a tornado in the winter. But what do I know, I’m not the fear mongering weather channel

    57. George Moorcroft


    58. George Moorcroft

      This is how buildings are abandoned and roof tiles off the criling

    59. Grace Chaffer

      Is this real or a green screen

    60. Lieutenant Dakota

      The American flag still stands 🇺🇸

    61. Jency Petersen

      This video is so cool and very useful for people who live in tornado areas!!! And it's entertaining and very educational so that a lot of people can enjoy and learn. So cool, thank you!!! If you guys want to watch cool and educational videos about tornados and extreme weather, check out Pecos Hank on AR-new! He has many close scrapes and has very cool commentary, not just, "OHMYGOD THERE'S A TORNADO GOD I GOT TO GET AWAY"..... he's awesome . You'll love it.

    62. Brayleigh Culver

      You can tell this is TOTALLY NOT FAKE bruh

      1. Alex Bartch

        No it's real

    63. Kyle Shenberger

      Greatest meteorologists alive today, and they'll go down in history as greats: Dr Greg Forbes, and Jim Cantore. Brilliant minds

    64. Chloe Gutierrez

      That is the biggest tornado! I have ever seen

    65. Robert Villarreal

      Dateline satellite studio's Safe?

    66. Robert Villarreal

      Are Wall Street Trump Plaza Safe? Commercial Community Outreach Safe?

    67. Robert Villarreal

      Can this help or not help in Battle /Archive?

    68. Robert Villarreal

      Passport Office on Govt ID Cards Weather Proof ?

    69. Robert Villarreal

      You don't have Shelter or Fresh Air Breaks Underground

    70. Robert Villarreal

      New York New York Then

    71. Robert Villarreal

      CHI WasDC Pittsburgh in The Middle

    72. Robert Villarreal

      Drinking Water /Sewer Wind/Sun

    73. Robert Villarreal

      Sea Ground

    74. Robert Villarreal


    75. Robert Villarreal

      Can we tell him the highschool we went to at least

    76. Robert Villarreal


    77. GaChA_GURL _BLACK_Xx


    78. Lexican Linnabery

      3:19 that house is fake Was the tornado fake

    79. Jon S

      This is flipping stupid....

      1. Deviance

        Its a education video you ignorant piece of uneducated meat

    80. Jordan Bahr

      Created with the Weather Channel’s new green screen immersive studio in Atlanta, using the Unreal Engine.

    81. HypnoDREW

      Grade-A CGI

    82. Jamie Galbraith

      Thought the rumble of thunder at the beginning was real. My right ear was closest to the window and I looked outside like “damn?”

    83. The sisterly Cousins

      6:16 rip pizza,we will never forget all the bootiful times we had

    84. De'Drick Williams

      4:42 my favorite part.

    85. Doggos Sterr

      Didn’t mention El Reno?

    86. Bill Bort

      Jeez that’s some bad editing

    87. FACER 360

      That guy was so chill about A CAR FALLING FROM THE SKY! boi

    88. EpicFaceGamer/Roblox

      Is this is a real thing that happened or green screen and famous editing to make a meme

    89. indo_tech_gaming Arif Nur Sanjaya

      4:56 Deploy the probe😁😂

    90. Cute mangle Lover

      Move to Australia, we only have cyclones.

    91. filadelphia 2018


    92. Bleiz

      Wait that was a window? I thought it was a camera recording on a screen but ok.

    93. tenicia similton

      1000% fakeness 200000% real tornadoes fake car

    94. Kimberly XD


    95. Conner Hambley

      It's worse to be inside a tornado.

    96. Eddie Faustino

      Man that is some good photoshop graphics!!!

    97. CupKait24

      When you pause the video and the sirens don't stop

    98. Andrew Ortiz

      That beat-up car pissed itself in the studio.

    99. Epic Gaming

      It was sunny outside when there was a window in the room

    100. Andrew Ortiz

      It looks more like a test than reality.