A Tornado Hits The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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    We're taking you inside the weather like you've never seen it before. Jim Cantore battles the elements as a storm hits The Weather Channel.

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    1. Glitched Blox

      Cool! What's the channel called?

    2. The Bella Show

      It looks fake

    3. Lol Moore

      Is this real or just animated

    4. Ricards Melbardis


    5. Vicky Crew Fuller

      Wow! That was scary.

    6. BAD WOLF

      *ItS* *s0* *BIg*

    7. Finlay Pout

      The man shows us information

    8. SpiritLover1555

      Omg this is awesome! Look how far tv has come!

    9. QueenCaitlinVlogs

      The FLAG LIVES

    10. Jacob Love

      Is this real? Probly not

    11. AlyssaPlayz 1

      Oh my gosh, it turned from EF-1 to EF-5!

    12. duh duh

      the wall screen is so accurate with the camera movement

    13. Sammy

      They ain’t gotta flex on us that damn hard

    14. Ross Campbell

      soooooooooooooooo fake

    15. aj gamer


    16. aj gamer


    17. Bonnie Currie

      This is edited

    18. Lambda Studios

      The car dropped a little too fast, but amazing presentation nontheless

    19. prensses twilight sparkle BEST AUNT EVER

      Was there a real tornado there??

    20. Vicki Long



      Our flag is still there 🖒

    22. Rainbow Steve

      4:07 how do they know the weight of that car? This is fake...

    23. Mia Nicoletta

      That tornado hit down fast

    24. love crunch Taylor


    25. Harp Seal Power

      The CGI is amazing!

    26. Sophia Davies

      That flag tho! Everything was destroyed but that flag!

    27. my uwu is strong

      I thought that an actual tornado was going to hit and I got a bit worried haha

    28. Ronald Hayek

      Hypothesis surrounding tornadogenesis could be incorrect? Is it electrical? The rotation associated with the tornado was clearly present at the surface first. agu.confex.com/agu/fm18/meetingapp.cgi/Paper/432399 Big surprise! ;o)

      1. Ronald Hayek

        Andrew Hall: Electric Earth | EU2017 ar-new.com/online/فيديو-K67BVq1SwWE.html Good luck with old schooling. The flip is on. ;o)

    29. Samatha Lemire

      This is so fake

    30. Ray Roark

      6:43 Golem from The Lord of the rings is walking around behind him in the far distance looking for that ring.

    31. Claw 005

      Nice job with effects

    32. Darkjedi


    33. Raine LCM

      Did i got clickbaited? Nice editing though

    34. Justin O'Donnell

      that’s some legit editing skills

    35. Jijul Gaming

      Why are this is my recommendation Im from China, jk

    36. Jaykob


    37. Alex Hallim

      Tornado rips roof of building continues tomorrow forecast is ...

    38. HughNewtronjpg

      my city got hit by an ef3 and ef 2 and six other ef 1's in the region


      my mom said this is fake


      i think this is fake

    41. Golden Bull

      "Ironic, they can save others from death, but not themselves."

    42. Disguiseiwa98

      What i live in a house with Reinforced Steel Columns

    43. Explore In Games

      5:13 Why didn’t u take us

    44. Ag TODAY

      Karma. Is. A. Bitch.

    45. Dustin Townsend

      So much cringe


      That tornado 🌪 was big !!!!!!!

    47. Megan Cooper

      honestly I've never seen better s.e.

    48. Cool Gaming


    49. Carla Veloso

      Oh My God Tornado As An EF 1 It Is A Bad Supercell It Just Hit The Ground It Is A EF 2 Woah What The Hell That Was Close Almost Got Hit By A Power Pole Oh My God EF 3 Anyone Can Be What The Fuck That Was Close It Is A EF 4 It Is Safe In The Fire Room For Me Now It’s A EF 5 Bad Funnel Huge Obej What The Fuck That Motor Car This Is Leaking Gasoline Not Good A Past Bus Has Put 1/2 Mile What The Hell A EF 6 Lights Yup I Am Taking Fuckin Shelter I Am In The Safe Room Which Is The Fire Room I May Shut Down At Any Minute I May L.hssjah [No Signal] The Tornado Is Done But Complete Damage Here In Rio De Janeiro Which Was Just Wiped Off The World Map Time To Rebuild My Name Is Carla Veloso

    50. Lucky Clover Tarot57

      is this real

      1. Major Yates