5-Minute Crafts KIDS

5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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    There's no girl that is too old for playing with a Barbie doll. After I saw this video, I immediately decided to get myself a Barbie again. If your dolls are still with you, my congratulations! Today, you can make a lot of cool crafts for them. In this collection of Barbie hacks, you can find the coolest ideas on Barbie clothes, transport, furniture, and so on. Check out this video and tell us in the comments, what you liked most of all, and of course, share your special Barbie tricks.
    In this video, there are a few tutorials on dolls' furniture. A bathtub can be easily made out of a detergent bottle and taps and shower - from ordinary foil. You can use a couple of Cds, popsicle sticks and a plastic container to make an awesome bicycle for your dolls.
    There are numerous hair and clothes hacks for dolls. For example, to make your doll's hair nice and neat again, you can soak her hair in conditioner and then brush them. You can play beauty salon and use a piece of a balloon as a hair dying cap - you can dye your doll's hair really stylishly using this trick.
    Speaking of clothes, watching this video, you'll learn to make dresses for your dolls out of anything - from socks to balloons! Another cool material for making clothes for dolls is disposable gloves. Using them the way we did, you can make a training suit or a nightgown for your dolls. Looks really awesome. Don't forget to make a lot of hangers for your Barbie's new wardrobe. You can use paperclips for that.
    Watch this video up to the end and see how to make a cool swimming pool for your dolls. After all, they need a place to show their new swimsuits.
    1:37 - Cute headband
    5:11 - Barbie swimsuit
    9:14 - Taking care of Barbie's hair
    14:57 - Miniature swimming pool
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