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I do not disclose my gender, voice. (๑´ڡ`๑)

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  1. petster13

    I love you rrcherrypie!! ^^ keep being wonderful

  2. XxkawaiiworldxX

    omg Hi! I love ur videos ^^!

  3. Sofía Pizzeroni

    Why ask if you are male or female? I'm happy with their videos.

  4. Foxy See

    what does it look like when the konapun rot ?? O.o

  5. Izzah Elyna

    RRcherrypie amazing to da max uhq! Many ppl try copy his style but still not original. Haish. Why you all so crazy about wanting to know RRcherrypie's gender? You blind arh? Can see its boy what. Haiyoh! -.- Ko no subete no shurui no wa, watashi ga nani ni tsuite kaite iru no ka rikai shite inai mōshiwake baai. Watashi wa, shingurisshu, shingapōru no hikōshiki hōgen de taipingu shiteimasu. Ok? Can. Watch Dee Kosh. The best Singaporean-based AR-newr. No jikan o muda ni shite itadakiarigatōgozaimasu!

  6. Sofía Pizzeroni

    is a man

  7. Sofía Pizzeroni

    might not understand that it is not man who can not see your page? image or youtube

  8. BittenBiscuit

    Love this channel!

  9. NutsAndCrazy

    make more with 1970s-vintage toy ママレンジ!!

  10. Wikiie D.

    <3 <3 Liike itt *

  11. Sarina


  12. PalCorg

    I've seriously never been so fascinated with watching someone make random food.

  13. miss mariam

    If i ever come to Japan, can we meet?

  14. Creepthecreeper


  15. Syn chronyx

    urs videos rly became famous lols in my country ppl r featuring ur videos to advertise kracie products XD

  16. TimeWarpExplorer

    Peaceful Music! TWE *v*

  17. CatnGeek

    In paris we have a new shop called "wine and chocolate" i went there yesterday for the grand opening, you would have totally love the chocolate design, i'll be back there tomorrow to make a video.

  18. Alli Kat

    Thank you for the amazing videos, RRcherrypieさん! You're so skilled, it's breathtaking to watch. I have made all of my friends into RRcherrypie fans, too. We love you!

  19. Violacea L

    Y U NO MAKE VIDZ? No seriously, looking forward to your next vid! :)

  20. Pamelflurry

    Uwaa. You're so cute.

  21. PKXionG92

    you have such a nice nice nice nice channel

  22. Angela Palomo

    At last! I already saw your face . You're sooo cute :) . You look like L from deathnote. I really love your videos :>

  23. Kelly Vo


  24. Alicia Machin

    You're so cute and gifted <3

  25. Nicole Christman

    sweet channel! heheheh get it? i subbed!! :3

  26. babygirladdy

    Thank you for making such fun videos. =^.^=

  27. Christine Vu

    if you're a boy, i'll date you. Marry you in a week. Spend the rest of our lives playing with Japanese magical creations.

  28. Ami Scherson

    are you a boy or a girl

  29. imafoolforChrist

    i just have to say YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. milkberrytea

    あなたはかわいいです。 ^-^

  31. Pia Fica

    I got a question o.o are u boy or girl?

  32. singalinger

    <3 i love you!

  33. FioriSama

    Hello RRcherrypie! I just wanted to say hi and good job!!! oh..and i wanted just to give you and idea about the vintage to you have you could make little pieces of french fries (fried potatoes)or you could fry some strawberries with chocolate! if you want you could ask me cos i have some ideas for you and the vintage toy! Kohana from Greece

  34. miniaturecatz


  35. NyanCatRulesUrWorld

    And Btw My Other Channel Is MegaCupCakeGirl12345 just to let ya know

  36. Foxy See

    can u do more vintage toy videos ? i love it very much ! ^_^


    RRCherryPie,I Love ur videos!! Can u make more videos with Konapun and the 1970s vintage toys?Pls?

  38. BatmanLovesThemChickens

    I just don't understand?! they saw your guy which is cool! but your pictures!! you seriously look like a girl!! >.< WHAT ARE YOU?!

  39. Kyoko Sorami

    when i went to your blog and pointed my cursor to your pink moon, i screamed " Sparkely~~~"

  40. SmileyFacesSighing

    can you let me know where you get some of your things? Great videos, by the way C:

  41. 3nityBlood

    yyey your blog!!!!!!!

  42. aoichi shiyuki

    私はあなたの性別について本当に興味がある >.< I don't really speak Japanese but I'm trying. I hope that made sense =.= and I'd get a reply :))

  43. inniisfree

    Mr. RRcherrypie, the way you're so careful and gentle in your videos always inspire me to try to be a bit more delicate with my hands and be careful. Whenever I'm having a bad day your video calms me down ♥

  44. yuki312039

    Why couldn't I have watched your videos before i went to Japan??? Then I could've spent my money on these cute things instead of buying keychains as souvenirs... Not that the keychains aren't pretty... but these are cuter~~~ ^///^"

  45. Lysette Besse

    Konapun (^.^)

  46. Kate b

    can you please do some more konapun videos? i really enjoy watching them and also watching your poppin cookin ones :)

  47. Joejoepop

    show your face often too lol

  48. Cheung2511

    omg sooo aWESome that your a boy!!!!

  49. Breanne Kelly

    You should practice to become a real baker, It would be really interesting to see what you could come up with for designs. Anyways, keep up the great videos and would love to know more about you as a person ^_^

  50. Doph G

    <3 *v*