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Al-Nahar is an Egyptian, general entertainment, free-to-air TV channel broadcasting from Cairo, Egypt.
The essence of the channel is to play a constructive role in Egypt's society by presenting all the challenges, potentials and opportunities in the post-revolution era.
The channel' s core objective is to widen understandings, bridge gaps, and allow the viewer to form his/her opinion through presenting the full picture, conveying all points of views, and discussing all possibilities.
Al-Nahar started its live broadcast on June 30, 2011. Currently, most of the shows on-air are skewed towards analyzing the political, economic and social events.
You can watch Al-Nahar on: 11488, Polarity: Horizontal, Symbol Rate: 27500.
Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/alnahareg
Official Twitter Account: twitter.com/Al_NaharTV
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