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  1. Catherine Bottari

    Did you ever sous vide octopus. It can be very difficult to get tender, but I bet cooking it sous vide would tenderize it.

  2. Gustavo Martins

    Hi guys, Xmas is coming! Where is the turkey video? I was wondering how cupim would cook. I am about to receive my first machine, cant wait!

  3. Sam Carrier

    Hi Guga, Ninja, and Mamo - I would like to get a Searzall attachment but I see it's no longer offered on Amazon? Do you know where I can get one or have any other suggestions? Thanks! Keep up the videos. They are great!

  4. E Or

    Why don't you sear it first and sous vide after?

  5. G. Ralph Kuntz, MD

    Have you considered trying sous vide meatloaf? I'm going to make it tomorrow. I'll bed it comes out very moist.

  6. bradneat

    Guys...... Where do you get your shirts from? they look fantastic!

  7. Napa Jumento

    beleza. tenta marinar o frango com a manteiga ja derretida, orégano, e alho, vale a pena colocar um pouco de pimenta dedo de moça (não use as sementes) deixe marinando por pelo menos 24 horas na geladeira sem congelar. se isso não der certo. Desistam do frango.

  8. yes you

    Can you please do a video or two on chicken/buffalo wings? Best temp and recipe to cook them at and then deep frying them to finish it off. Love your channel! Thanks for all the great videos.

  9. itsguppy

    Suggestion: Do a "versus" between Sous Vide Ribs and Pressure Cooker Ribs

  10. aircamperman

    Have you tried Kobe/Wagyu Beef yet?

  11. Pedro Camacho

    Guys, when are you goi9ng to cook a Superb Sous Vide Turkey?? I think it is about time.

  12. Geovanny Tejeda

    I must say you guys have the channel I consistently look forward to the most when coming into youtube... I'd love to see you guys do a serious on transforming cheap cuts of meat to premium ones, it's one of the promises of sous vide, but not very many people do examples of those.

  13. Stephen Clark

    I'm having trouble getting the ingredients for the recipe's. Any suggestions?

    1. Stephen Clark

      Oops...just figured it out.

  14. Dave Metcalf

    Ok.....just bought a 3 pound sirloin tip roast.......I know I want to go around 132 long to get it tender?

  15. frode eriksen

    when i see people bbq then i see they inject the meat with apple juice. can you try that and maby do one with like beef stock or something to figure out it it is worth it and what is best to inject it with?

  16. Kelly Harrison

    So guys I'm curious - did you ever see yourselves having a COOKING CHANNEL?? :p I have to say thanks - I've tried a lot of things I would have never had the confidence to do. You make things look so easy and the results are in many cases *better* than restaurant quality. I admit it - I'm a SVE fanboy now!

  17. Mark Dickinson

    How would you do a 1 lb swordfish steak?

  18. Derek Andrew Garza

    THE BEST IDEA FOR A VIDEO EVER: Test different steaks cuts. Rib eye, NY strip, tenderloin, ect. which one is best to Sous Vide?

  19. Simon Cuff

    A newbie question and apologise if this has been asked before; but, do you change the water in the circulating bath after every use or will it be ok for a few days?

  20. Rachel Hier

    can you please do a london broil video

  21. Kenji Le

    Love watching your channel! Can you try the cornstarch/salt method before the searing. I am curious to see if it makes a difference.

    1. Spin S

      I second this. Would like to see this tested and also test single sear vs double sear(before and after)

  22. Lou Shepherd

    Have you guys ever done crab legs?

  23. Marc Antonini

    awesome videos!! I'm new to sous vide and I really like your sous vide set up! what size water containers do you have? the vertical rack? really great set up!

  24. LeTerrible2012

    I'm new to SV and, as usual when trying something new, I rush to Google and AR-new. It was my good fortune to happen onto your amaaaaaaaaaaaazing videos. I've learned a lot from you and I go back to re-watch some of the episodes, just for the pleasure of it. SVE rocks, and you three are rock stars!

  25. Harold Wong

    Would you Sous Vide a rabbit? I tried it once and it was dry and mushy. At least it was not tough..

  26. Pedro Camacho

    Any chance you could compare the Smoke Gun vs Smoked Salt?

  27. Killa Klone

    I would love to see some Sous Vide, then frozen tests. Compare a couple ribeyes, one sous vide then frozen for a week before being thawed and seared against a straight sous vide/sear. Curious about using sous vide for prepping a bunch of protein for fast dinners.

  28. Bernard Letsteiner

    Finally found a place to buy picanha. It's tricky to get here in Germany. But Woah...Definitely a Ninja 10!!!!!! Great stuff guys. Thanks!

  29. jbm9384

    can you guys do pork cheeks?

  30. Georgios Tsitsias

    Please make a vacuum sealer comparison!!

  31. Christian Raith

    Love your video's, I'm new to this and was wondering if I can sous vide meat I get from ALDI that is already in a vac. pack or do I have to take it out and repack it, just not sure if they use cookable plastic and no one there knew. Cheers from Australia

  32. Umar Aziz

    I have tried and tried and have failed. Can you PLEASE tell me what the name of the music is in your video starting at min 1:49?فيديو-wHk275ZOc_Y.html&t=233s

  33. Jim Kennedy

    You use organic thyme but waht about a test to see how powdered thyme compares? Maybe even powdered organic thyme?

  34. Brian Harmon

    Have you guys considered doing Sous Vide Prime Rib?

  35. Skuli Axelsson

    Love this channel and all the comparison of techniques and equipment. I would however like to see a comparison on different quality meats. I live far away from any butcher shop and buy meat primarily via grocery stores. Would love to see a comparison between a low budget chain vs. higher quality grocery chain vs. high quality butcher shop including the prices.

  36. mark pimblett

    salt v msg on steak?

  37. David Adkins

    Could you not speed up the Searzall part on one future video to get a true feel for how long it takes? Thanks!

  38. legalarcher

    Love your channel. Can you do a video on how you made (or where you purchased) the searing rig you use?

  39. Kevin Costello

    Stone crab season! Just saying...

    1. Kevin Costello

      Arg... Just saw the one you did in Feb... Maybe a twist or turn them into a side or slider?

  40. Leonard Hartanto

    Can you do some sous vide experiment on vegetables.

  41. Alfonso Asencio

    I tried searing a Ribeye with a Bernzomatic TS8000 torch. It was burning the pepper and the lots of black and the end. Any recommendations? Thanks

  42. skibiker42

    I applaud your results on the usage of garlic powder. Now another daring assault using essential herbal oils? Rosemary, Sage & Thyme diluted of course.

  43. franc36100

    Hi Guys: I just became aware of sous vide and most important your site! I notice you are using two different food holder racks, what size bins do you use and how deep. Is it better to use a cut out lid (anova) or the white balls to keep water loss down. Now I'm using a large stainless steel pot. which is better to avoid bacteria. Thank you for your advice on how to use this great system...

  44. Anthony S

    can you sous vide more veg?

    1. Sous Vide Everything

      +Anthony S will do some side veggies coming up

  45. B Pocock

    Yo!! I have some picanha in my fridge right now that's been marinating about 24 hrs and we're going to do it up tomorrow. My mother would KILL me if I shared this recipe with you but I figure you're like family now. Check this out! I've tried it on strips and ribeyes but never picanha and it's AMAZING!! 1 ½ cups soy sauce 1 46 oz can Pineapple juice ½ cup sugar ½ cup cider vinegar ½ tbsp garlic powder 2 cups dry sherry 1/6 cup Accent 1 tbsp salt Mix Teriyaki marinade Steaks prick with fork. 48-72 hours in marinade for best results.

  46. Trayvon Zimmerman

    How about this...... Sous Vide Live Goldfish?

  47. Alexandr Drugov

    Hello my friends. Unfortunately i living in Russia and don't have enough money to buy sous vide machine over $300. Can you suggest some cheap variant on amazon or ebay? Thank you!

  48. knowharm

    Hey brothers, just checking in. Just wanted to make sure you saw my post about the bags. You might want to look into BPA free bags for your health. A few weeks ago I sent you a post regarding how it has affected us personally. Anyway, just look into it. The plastic can leach into foods when heated. So, I'd highly recommend bra free bags. Stay Safe!!

  49. Sara Sinnard

    As far as the bag comparison goes... I do agree on your assessment regarding the convenience of the sealed bags... but I wonder about the toxicity of the sealed and Ziplock bags vs the silicon bag? Do you have any information on that? Hard to spend a fortune on grass-feed, organic, humanely raised and then plop them into something that might leach toxins.

  50. Baron Hartell

    I am looking at getting my very first sous vide and supplies to use with it. I'm settled on the Anova, but I am unsure of what type of container I need for the water and what kind of bags I need. I'd rather not buy an expensive vacuum sealing machine. Any advice or thoughts?

    1. Baron Hartell

      scratch that, just saw your reply to similar comment. PS, glad you all made it out of the storms alright, don't know what I would do without my weekly dose of mouthwatering food porn that is Sous Vide Everything!!