For 15 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

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  1. Ralph Garrett

    Wowww amazing channel!!

  2. TheNewVocal

    Greetings from The Garden City =) =) Wish you a awesome day!

  3. Alus

    awesome!! pls check out my covers on my channel!

  4. Bongie Tha Yung'N

    Nice work!

  5. Angel Caban

    Really cool

  6. Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :)I have already subscribed you..I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

  7. the chase

    Ellen is a very funny lady

  8. Family friendly Felix

    why you are so nice???

  9. Nina Herrera


  10. UnicornWORLDZ !

    I love ellen she is a true role model and always will be I dont care if people judge her she is so kind and sweet hearted

  11. Linda Loom

    Hello Ellen, My brother and I have bin a big fan of yours forever and I wanted to say hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mercedes Navarro

    Ellen, Hi I`m from Argentina , and here we can`t see you live because our cable does not transmit your channel. Is there a way to see you live through internet? Thanks Love you!

  13. Carmin Singh

    Hi.Ellen...Can you please check out these two people out & possibly invite them to your show?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I would love to watch them on your show!! JO JO LOMELINO & KANSIIME ANNE!!

  14. Joy  Maitiro


  15. snow bishop

    Hi Ellen I don't know if you'll get this, but I wanted to write to you. My name is Summer Bishop, age 15, I go to Indian Land High school in South Carolina and I absolutely love your show, even though I haven't been watching since the show began, me being only three may of had something to do with that. It always brings a little light into my day, even if I'm sad, upset, mad, or just bored it always makes me laugh. I've always wanted to meet you or at least go to a show since the first time I saw it. You are hilarious, witty, and bright and you always seem to make people feel welcome and comfortable. Not many people can do that. Not to mention all the gifts you give to people who need it most or just to be kind. You are an amazing person, with awesome fashion sense. I love the outfits you wear on the show, they sometimes inspire my own outfits, given I don't have clothes nearly as nice as yours, but I love to dress in outfits like yours. Ties, collared shirts, vests, or sweaters that go over collared shirts, blazers, nice pants, with a good pair of converse, I never leave home without a bow. Lots of people at school say they like my outfits, but a few say that it looks weird like I'm trying to act and look like a boy or something. Did you ever go through that when you were growing up? It doesn't bother me much now I just block out the haters. I wanted to ask where you shop for your outfits? Do you know any good places with decent prices? My parents don't give allowances so I have to save up from birthdays and Christmases so I can't afford expensive clothes. Well that's all, even though you're busy being awesome I hope you get this. Thanks for listening. Bye.

  16. Aaliyah Perez

    hi ellen how to cake it has a new years resolution to go on your show and i want her dream to come true plz help her, her name is yolanda gampp thx

  17. Sydney Rubin

    No parent wants to be told their child has cancer. I take action so that one day no one will have to hear that word. I am apart of the organization held at Penn State University called THON. This February, my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, is participating in the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, Penn State's Dance Marathon (THON). We will take a stand against childhood cancer. I would love if you could help us raise awareness by giving any type of shoutout to AOPI AND SIGMA CHI and share the link to donate: I am sorry to take up your time, but I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much. FTK!!! (For The Kids)

  18. Karen Hosein

    dear Ellen you don't know how much i love you and your show i can't get to come see your show because i live in Trinidad and i can't afford it and i don't have my passport........ i love you so so so so so so so so much

  19. TheGemini0606

    hi Ellen i love your show and yes i'm a kid and i can do a special show for you please let me be on your show

  20. Jero Rove

    hey Ellen i just want to tell you thanks for hosting your shows i really find them fun to watch. you are my role model, and you have shown me that also gay people can be as well looked upto. i watch your shows on youtube mostly. Am from Kenya-Africa. mob love.

  21. Daniel Munteanu

    I wanna see a discussion between Ellen and the president Obama speaking about what he did at Bohemian grove and others and why

  22. TheRelaxingWorld

    *I love your show!!!*

    1. TheRelaxingWorld

      +Dr Brutal :-)

    2. Heather McGinnis

      +TheRelaxingWorld same

    3. RX 55

      +FreeChill - GTFO

    4. Raims123

      +FreeChill how about you dont to that

  23. William_Aviation0

    Ellen DeGeneres de is French for the so Ellen THE Generes

  24. badabbelt

    Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for everything that you and your lovely wife and family and your friends that support you do for this world!! I know for me, what you do everyday changed my life when I didn't see the light. You were there. ellennation is so much fun since iv joined, and highly recommend everyone to join, it makes my life better. Thank you again, MUCH LOVE ALWAYS <3

  25. Adriana Frometa

    please think about it

  26. Adriana Frometa

    oh yuni reyes is her channels

  27. Adriana Frometa

    Ellen would you please watch yuni reyes, my kids trying to do the nae nae

  28. Alex Murphy

    OJ Simpson - Discover the REAL KILLER on my channel.

  29. Austin Porter

    Ellen it would mean the world to me if you take a look at my latest video! Im sure you will want me to teach you to dance after you see this.

  30. It's Just Lexy

    Hi Ellen, I am Alexis Matney, I was you hoping if you could help me get recognized for my music. All I wanted ever since I was little was to sing for people. I play guitar and sing, I had won many talent shows, please help me. Thankyou

  31. ilker yoldas

    You need a separate playlist with all your videoshops. Obama drops mic, 12 Trumps, Pope magic trick.. etc. Your team is really good!

  32. Theng Her


  33. Fox-Pixar Media


  34. Aiyana Garcia


  35. Linda T

    why can't we comment anymore on Ellen videos?

    1. Computer Monster

      +fatghostthingy ROBLOX ^^^^^^

    2. Computer Monster

      You're offensive and illiterate

    3. fatghost

      youre retarded

    4. Patrick Gabriel

      Because she's a coward who can't take criticism

    5. Jonavin Vail


  36. TrevorColyn

    Ellen, you research all your guests but you did not do your homework on Hillary Clinton that would show what an evil woman she is. She is gay so I suppose you have that connection, but really, her conduct over the years with her Bill Clinton who is even worse, should have kept you far away from her. Suppose you are also mainstream media ?????

  37. Val M

    Dear Ellen, I am so excited to know that you will finally be shown in the UK on ITV2! Honestly after a day in the hospital it was a wonderful pick me up to know that I'll be able to watch you here. You always brighten my day even if I have to watch your videos on AR-new. xx

  38. Eli Murtaza

    please sign this petition for the sake of women and their safety. Thank you so much for your support!

  39. Fox-Pixar Media

  40. Fox-Pixar Media


  41. Fox-Pixar Media


  42. baking

    Ellen invite Yolanda from how to cake it on your show she told all of us to harraus you until you do she mentioned in her fitness cake video.

  43. Rafat Shahriar

    hellow ellen! im all the way from BANGLADESH! may be you dont even know the name of our country but the thing is youre kinda best.ur the inspiration for thousands of people just keep doing what you have been doing.we love you!

  44. Plot Twist

    you should post longer bits of the show, i had to unsub because my inbox was invaded with Ellen videos

    1. Plot Twist

      +Michael Choe i'm already subscribed to a shitload of channels and everytime i have one who floods my inbox i unsub to keep some clarity

    2. Michael Choe

      +Bender B. Rodriguez how is that a bad thing?

  45. Bonita Robertson

    Dear Ellen I'm writing to you about a friend of mine. Her name is Bonita Robertson and She is The Most Kindest, Loving, and Caring Person i have ever met.Back In 2006 She Became Disabled But That hasn't stopped her from devoting her time Supporting Others Who are is what she calls less off then her. She has been separated from her children for 7 years now and can only see them when she can financially afford to make the bus trip to see them. She has been in witness protection for the past 5 years cause she is putting two people away for the murder of 7 people.2 of those people was a 3 day old baby and the other was a 3 year old baby. They Were all killed in a house fire set by the landlord and his maintenance man for insurance money.She endangered her own life to wear a wire to catch them.To me She is the Bravest person I know. I once asked her what her Biggest Dream She Had for herself in Life and she said she wanted to meet you in Person And to Thank You For All The Wonderful Things you Have done for all people who were in Grave need of Support. You Are Her Greatest Inspiration. I Personally want Her wish to come True so can you Please Help Me? If you are interested could you please call me at 1-708-443-6242.My Name is Timothy Bennett. It Would Be The Truly Greatest Moment in her Life. Thank You So Much And I Hope To Hear From You Soon! God Bless You Always Ellen!

    1. Mallory Reiswig


    2. Bonita Robertson

      +Mallory Reiswig Hi Mallory i did not know this was put on my page my Fiance put this on here when i was in the hospital having surgery. i guess he wants this for me but i would be terrified to go on her show as i am not a big fan of being exploited on Television for the whole world to see im not special or important like that. Thank You for the Info And May God Bless You!

    3. Mallory Reiswig

      +Bonita Robertson search google for "How do I contact Ellen and send this to her u might end on her show more likely that way

  46. Vanessa Bush

    i cant attach any video!!! that sucks i knew ellen would have loved me!@@

  47. Electro wolf

    this is so funny lolololololololololol

  48. Sarah Kilpatrick

    Thank you Ellen for being so positive and funny. When I'm feeling down or having an off day I like to watch your show. You are just so positive. Thank you.

    1. Sarah Kilpatrick

      You know what else is great, is my husband likes your show :)

  49. Emma Strelzoff

    ellen is so cool

  50. ahmed mohmmed

    l love you Ellen