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  1. gabrielle stanford

    I like your channel [the pet collective]

    1. gabrielle stanford

      i like your channel because it has animals. and i'm gonna be a vet. now i'm 7.

  2. Andie the Lab

    hi! please let me know if Andie's video is a good candidate for The Pet Collective :D

  3. Chayne Team

    The app 'Chayne' for iOS is a great way to share exclusive content with your fanbase! Find out more @ Thanks ~ Chayne Team

  4. Robyn Hurst

    I have added some funny cat videos recently that I would love for you to come see!!! 2 of just the cats, and one of some "cat yoga"!!!

  5. TotVegan cruelty-Free

    hi everyone please make sure to watch out for unsafe Animal foods (Beneful is one that is not very safe. it has anti-freeze in it! foods 'made in china' are not safe or Healthy. Also 'Diamond Naturals' that food has been really harming The Furry ones ) You can read about how commercial brands are not very great and not Healthy at all, there are even petitions on them. Thank you ❤️❤️

  6. ArtisticVids

    SuperSing Skyttles & Jukebox Mega Music Mix-Xmasفيديو-XBDsAwjABbQ.html Timeless and Amazing Xmas Carols, Sounds Beyond Angelic!

  7. Wendy Quenneville

    I really loved the music on the Coolest Dogs Ever Compilation 2017 I listened to on Mel's Videos. I'm hoping that I can get the lyrics and, I know I'm pushing my luck, but the chords so I can teach myself to play it on my guitar. This would be for my own entertainment and the entertainment of the folks at Lakeview Terrace 55+ retirement community. I entertain folks who are not in the main flow of this community. They're older, some senile, and some at the end of their lives but still love to hear me play my guitar for them and sing to them.

  8. Bella Christianson

    Can you do a cat video with the song Died In Your Arms?

  9. shaan dutta

    you fucking brothed dickheads!! why does the channel auto unsubscribes even when i have subscribed

    1. CubosaurusMapping&Gaming

      It's not their faulty that something bugged on your AR-new, you know? Also, your swearing made no sense in that sentence. Just write more intelligent comments next time.

  10. Yaku Ñoqa Kani


  11. Kathleen Dotterweich

    It could make me so happy if you would say something back to me.

  12. Kathleen Dotterweich

    Hey, could you please tell me what the songs are called in "30 Incredible Pug Videos" that was posted in May 27, 2017? I really want to listen to the full songs.

  13. Tu cachero Brother could you tell me how you created this video. Can you pass me a video tutorial or programs? I would thank you brother

  14. joao daniel


  15. Sarah Barisas

    A kitty version of the song Why you gotta be so cruel called Why you gotta be so cute

  16. Rhyme Games - Puzzles, Jigsaws, Toys and More

    Hello, Fun channel. Love watching your videos! :D :D

  17. Funny pet videos

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  18. Amelia Longardner

    You should check out the meme video's on my youtube chnnel

  19. Debbie Armstrong


  20. Perry M.

    What an AWESOME video. +1 from me :)

  21. KMera Studio - Kevin Champion

    Hello, I think I have a video on my channel which can interest you ! :)

  22. Der Offizielle Kirchenjesus

    "who are sorry not sorry" SHUT UP, idiot

  23. Birthday39461 AJ

    make shrek cute kitten version

  24. Catlike Arts

    greetings from spain ;)

  25. Sparkun co

    how do you get discussion?

  26. Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus

    It's so cool!

  27. thisfuckiscrazy

    "Where Pets Rule!" How are pets ruling or being praised in any environment that treats them as puppets? Keep on dressing up animals and giving them dysfunctional haircuts. With almost 800k subscribers, you're clearly pleasing the unempathetic, semi-retarded human population. Good stuff here.

  28. BluesBadTom

    Very cool and nice videos to see on your channel. Heck yea I subbed you also. Happy Wednesday to you.

  29. Holley Bell

    do best song ever dogs and make it cute very cute

  30. The gray cat

    Love your channel

  31. EvarDerp/Sdbabbit123/Sam

    How often do you guys stream?

  32. TheDiamondGoldMine // GabrielTDGM

    Im gonna watch live cat videos! *searches "the pet collective live"* What??!! NO LIVE VIDEOS???!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PET COLLECTIVE? WHAT DID YOU DO??!!!

  33. 最後戰士

    Why no panda ?

  34. Pink Peridorito

    Meow. wuf. imma dogee.

  35. Jes

    Must has an Owl compilation! <3'd Radical Raccoons.

  36. Juliani Quadros dos Santos

    lindos eu kero um🎁

  37. Gabrielle Tansel


  38. BeeKnotEwe

    Love pet videos! So I subbed. Come visit my channel when you get the chance. I won't disappoint. Tux and Velcro would love to see you there!

  39. Miss Cutie Kitty

    i have a request for a parody can you do cats singing downtown by macklemore

  40. luizinho Gacha studio/Life


  41. luizinho Gacha studio/Life

    *oh* *my* *gosh*

  42. Siw Anette Moseng

    love this channel

  43. Mundo da Querem.k e suas amigas

    engrasado o canal de vcs kkkk

  44. Kiki Ander

    Finally some people agree with me pets are just like us and are amazing to take care of they show companionship and love to us and other people like i have 5 dogs and 4 cats and i love them all i show love to them and take go care of them i just what to be a Animal Lover and give homes to animals that need one the people that hate dogs , cats, and other animals it's just wrong to me to hate a cute loving animal so bring love to all pets and wild life :)

  45. Sierra The Mutt

    All the animals are so cute


    I have searched the website for the video "When Somebody Loves You" which is about kittens climbing on their person. Can't find it anywhere. Help!!

  47. Steve John

    what you did to devinsupertramp is wrong. you guys are just a rip off of worlds funniest videos. unsubscribed to all jukinmedia channels . sham on you

  48. danmae datulio

    ummm hello!!!!! where could i adopt an pet dog!

  49. Sophie Roman

    why didn't u draw my pets i posted u

    1. Sophie Roman

      +The Pet Collective not worries i'll wait : )

    2. The Pet Collective

      +Sophie Roman It takes awhile to get through the submissions. We've literally had almost a thousand! Thanks for your patience and we won't be able to get to everyone but we'll try our best!

  50. Sophie Roman

    I sended u my pet chickens did u see them already