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  1. Mary Buryak

    List for Jenna: 1. Make for dogs costumes-ships. 2. Make a film with the dogs in the lead role. 3. Draw on the Julien's back so that he can guess what you are painting. 4. Make for dogs costumes-train. 5. Arrange the evening of divination. 6. Drunk graffiti tutorial. 7. Ten fresh ideas on the use of curtains. 8. Henna tattoo. 9. Makeup with a timer. 10. Choosing ear shape to suit your face shape. 11. Nails on a 3D printer. 12. Labyrinth for a hamster. 13. 10 most strange things from the nearest store. 14. What will I do in old age? 15. Make a bomb for the bathroom. 16. Playing in a foreign language. 17. Ideas with kanekalon. 18. My dogs shoot a video. 19. How to carve a watermelon. 20. The most boring job in the world. 21. How I choose ideas for video. 22. My ideals of female beauty. 23. My ideals of male beauty. 24. Make shoes without heels. 25. Racing games with eyes closed.

  2. 박종석

    How do you do. This is JongSuk Park from South Korea. the reason why I write something here... I want to find someone who is very important for me. and she is in America, Nevada. please... can you help me find her..? the story is... we had met 9 months ago on 3rd of January 2018. and we found each other on mobile app. so we became a long distance relationship couple. we were very happy really... just as heaven... but at the end of April around 6 months ago... I got a bad car accident... I got crushed by a car which just ignored the red signal..... and after that accident I was in a coma until September.. last month. and I couldn't talk about this to her... she couldn't even hear my news.... she just thought I left her without reason so suddenly... I saw her last messages on my instagram.. but it was too late.... she disappeared... just disappeared.... I can not find her facebook page, can not find her instagram, can not find her twitter page...... there is no way to say her the truth and what happened to me.... on this winter I will fly to Nevada to find her.... but I don't know which city she lives...... anyway... please can you help me to find her.... this is my best way what I can do in Korea... I heard you are very popular AR-newr in America.... please.... please.... can you help me...... I beg you.... I know you don't even know me in real life.... I would die.... if I can not see her at least one time..... please... help me.. I am very serious. this is JongSuk Park (박종석) from South Korea... my Instagram is : stan_d_proud. please....... I am not joking really....

    1. 박종석


    2. 박종석

      please... help me......

  3. Mahmoud Chekhab

    nice to see yes

  4. Shannon Heck

    Can you do a video where you dig out the cookie dough from all the different brands of ice cream & bake them, then taste test to compare? I mean... I would do it but I feel like it would be wasted on my 40 Snapchat followers... Definitely start w/ Ben&Jerry's

  5. Shawn McAtee

    The best part of "your path" is that YOU are in it. I hope what you're doing, brings you as much joy in your life as it does for the people that watch you.

  6. mixed afro

    who tf actually uses these things

  7. SonoLamae

    Could you do a video of you and Julien (Or Moq???) doing a bunch of stupid internet quizzes? has a bunch.

  8. AquavivaZZZ

    do a harajuku make-over for yourself and julien, pleeeaaaseeeee!!!

  9. Alanna Anderson

    Can you please do the drippy face makeup I think it would be great

  10. Badger

    You should change your profile picture, kind of outdated and I don't think it shows your true colors. Very, very sorry if this sounds rude it's totally ok if you don't want to!

  11. Cheryl Little


  12. Cheryl Little


  13. **Unknown**

    swim with the iggys

  14. meliss

    Let's see some holiday themed J&J's Kitchens within the next couple of months! Potato Latkes! Cheese blintzes! Christmas stuff!

  15. Syazwani Morni

    Jenna, can you make an asmr video?

  16. Lily Fan

    can you make a grave bed for the dead one please, thank you

  17. iconic c:


  18. Valerie Chandler

    do a life in my dogs eyes

  19. Vesper Potter

    I'm waiting for them to get a cat. (I just watched the my dogs meet a cat for the first time video) Why has jenna not gotten a cat already??

  20. Katie-Rose Fogg

    The mind of Kermit is in the works on JnJ Memes channel jenna……...IM A GIRAFFE

  21. sigma_

    eww jenna

  22. Biiz

    Hi! I was wondering if you were open to having people make official captions for some of your videos? I was just wondering because although you have some that auto generate, they aren't very accurate sometimes and can be confusing to some people who are hard of hearing, or have auditory processing issues. If you aren't open to it that's fine! I understand that a lot of the time people often don't take subtitling very seriously and just write stuff to fawn over the video rather than provide actual closed captions. Still, I just wanted to know if you were okay with it.

  23. Demon Wolf

    Please do a drunk nail painting.

  24. Caroline VINCENT

    Hi Jenna, can you do a "zero waste challenge" video ? I'm not sure if you've donne something like this before, but I would love to have your and Julien's opinion on it :) Ps : loved your videos since the first one Xx

  25. Johanna Mürk

    I feel as if I get the love from you, that I didn't get from my mom and that's nice. Thank you! <3

  26. Cotten Plays Guys vote for Jenna Marbles onTHE SOCIAL STAR OF 2018

  27. Reed Atmosphere

    ooh my gooooooooood Jenna you guys have to react to this long and sweet and funny kermit video:فيديو-lvHnBHId7Xo.html I laughed so hard I alwast spilled my tea!! it's sooo goooood!

  28. somebody6898فيديو-mqQvTdzfsIw.html Austin Mahone and Joli Stefanidou . LIKE AND COMMENT

  29. Pasha Luongo

    just another comment

  30. Екатерина Феоктистова

    Hi Jenna, you always make a awesome videos. Maybe this will interest you too.فيديو-dfNdUss-LyA.html

  31. MKate

    how to care for you cermet pt.3? like if you need one in your life like now

  32. Anela Jukić

    Hey Jenna! Just wanted to let you know that two months ago I have written and defended master's thesis in English linguistics based on your channel and your types of expressions,. I can send it to you via e-mail, just not sure where to send it but I will try. This is another way of hoping that you will see it. I am not sure whether it is even important to you but I guess I would wanna know if somebody got a diploma with me as the main topic, haha. Cheers!

  33. eli stewstew

    Can you manually write the captions in your videos? The youtube autogenerated caption are not very good and not everyone can hear, but everyone loves comedy... in some form or another.

  34. Lala 101

    can you do another how to train your cermet part 3 plllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeee

  35. Murray Scott

    best b'day made mine

  36. ItsKobe


  37. McKenna Q

    you and Julian make my week, the past couple years have been tough but you two never fail to make me laugh <3

  38. Holly Davis

    Hey Jenna: How about covering your full/most your body with pull off face mask and then peeling it all off...

  39. lenora nelson

    Happy Birthday Jenna ♥♥

  40. Anais Ramos

    A true queen

  41. vito marioni

    viewson my account the continued in that see till the year 1615,that see till the year 1615 ,that he was translated to the archbishoprickof glasgow,then vacant by the translation thence of archbishop spots-wood to the primacy at st'andrew ,as hath been said.

  42. Bullet Guru

    Nice Watch "Bullet Guru"فيديو-SgFV86iSyfE.html

  43. Anything fitting

    Your dogs' names in 1. Chinese Kermit - 柯密 - [Kē mì] Marbles - 毛巴 [Máo bā] Peach - 桃 [Táo] 2. Korean Kermit - 커미트 [Keomitu] Marbles - 마발세요 [Mabalseyo] Peach - 삐싸야 [Bishaya] Disclaimer: These are phonetic symbols, meaning that these words don't actually mean your dogs' names, but rather the pronunciations of these words are used to represent your dogs' names because they sound in this language like they would sound in English.

  44. Anne Rank

    I know I'm late to the party and not sure why it took this long, but I'm a new fan! Binge watched your videos this weekend with my one daughter and when my other daughter would come in the room, she'd say "I already saw that one". It's evident why you have the enormous amount of followers you do. Subscribed to Julien too!

  45. BoopItzChloe

    I just realized.. JennaMarbles.. like Marbles the dog.. heck why am I dumb

  46. Briana Schwind

    Jenna's Rachet Salon! NEED you to test this out in a new video: A lash LIFT... So it is a PERM FOR YOUR EYELASHES. And it's a thing. Biiiiiitch.... All your favorite things in one video- Beauty tutorial, DIY, chemicals near your eyes, lots of instructions to NOT follow properly, and potential blindness... Win-win. Supposedly it lasts for 1-2 months, is easy, and the kit is like $20 on Amazon. Or, maybe just do Julien's... Fuck it up!

  47. Sarah Reese

    Today I was at Party City to pick up black plastic cups to make fish hidey-holes out of for science experiments about what kinds of holes fish like to hide in, and I saw, among other things, some VERY GREEN tinsel false eyelashes. There's also a fair amount of different face paints there because October is next month. You should do a BeauTuber video where you do your makeup entirely with things from Party City, preferably including more balloons in your hair.

  48. IamTastypants

    Please watch this for the next reacting to videos other people make about you XD it is goldفيديو-lJJmEKiFGVw.html

  49. max _فيديو-Cr8JdCKEqF0.html we need a reaction from jenna marbles!!!!!! Also watch !!!!!