Welcome to the Official Kantipur TV HD AR-new Channel. Launched in July 2002, previously known as Kantipur Television Network or Kantipur Television, as a private television channel of Nepal, Kantipur TV started its High Defination (FHD -1080i) transmission from December 14, 2017.
Kantipur TV HD is the largest private television channel of Nepal and a part of Kantipur Media Group (KMG).
Kantipur Samachar, which includes daily news updates with the help of more than a hundred reporters on ground and with the policy of thoroughly verifying reports and breaking news, is the most trusted source of information on current events.
Harke Haldar, It's My Show, Risaani Maaf, What The Flop, Ditha Sab, Sarokar and Suman Sanga are some of the highly preferred and most watched programs, whose viewer are not just from inside the country but from various parts of the globe.
Tune in to Kantipur TV HD or Watch LIVE 24/7 from our website (www.kantipurtv.com/live).

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  1. Nav Subedi

    Being the number one media in the country, still adding content on 480p is really a disgrace. Please add 1080p content. Program on 480p looks really dull.


    yes,sabaile kantipur tv herna mangarchhan,bises bideshma basneharule,tara kantipur tv ka news vidio herda/sunda wakka lagdo chhan,kina ki samachar ekatira padhi raheka chhan vidio show arkai tira,sathai sound sestem kina sudharna nasakeko?news vidio raksi piera dr lai kuteko police jasto/news vidio banaunda raksi piera banaeko jasto chha,yaslai arop nasamjhanu,1 mangsirko tv news vidio herda afai harule thaha paunne chhan,tyesaile yo chenalle banaeko news vidio hera chhodiyo news 24 tv herna ramro lagyo

  3. Kunwar Sagar

    Hey, Is this channel available to embed on the websites?

  4. posh raj niroula

    any update from ktm

  5. Arpan Bhattarai

    I believe kantipur was the most advance channel of nepal but not now Ap1 channel has been already launched in HD then what are u waiting for ????

  6. Niranjan R. Timilsina

    `kantipur TV` ho ki `bigyapan-pur TV` ho? kati bigyapan???

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  8. Boma Boma

    hamile tireko 220% vehicle tax kata jancha, yo kura news ma aaunu paryo, SAARC country ma kun gadi kati parcha ra tyo desh ko bato ko conditons compare garu na ho

  9. Aura Yatri

    Is kantipur live no longer available in youtube?

  10. Jose Luis Marriaga


  11. Lobsang Tobgyal

    why Nepal doesn't have reality shows? shows like roadies and splitsvills etc "example" should inspire the nepali tv shows.

  12. Rabi Rajbhandari

    Mahabharat ka pramuk Patra by Mr. Pradip giri Can you please upload the whole talk?

  13. TheLifeHax

    verified check mark kasari ?? network through ho ki automatic ?

  14. Jyoti Rai

    Hi EKantipur family, could you please upload the Netritwako Sankat which has been just finished. Thank you!

  15. Yubraj kandel

    aja kantipur live kina ayana

  16. Kishore Karki

    windows mobile Lumia ma Kasari herne Kantipur tv yesko laagi kunai upaye chha holaa?